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Our long Summer recap.

12:27 PM

This is it!

Ishita officially went back to school full time this morning ending a 109 days of Summer vacation. A long long long Summer break we both are super glad to see end.
A long break that was full of heat, noise, activities and events and kept me from blogging regularly as there is only that much I can do in a day without being totally wiped out. (The heat of April-May was more than enough to handle alone).

I thought it would be fun to do a quick recap of some of the things we did and happened during those 109 days.

We did get involved in a number of Arts and crafts project over these few months. Not all of them picture worthy, or even blog post worthy.
In the beginning I had that beautiful idea of making one new thing everyday, but as the April heat claimed us it quickly turned into a "Who the freaking hell are we kidding" gig.

But hey, look at all the artsy things we did! I even enrolled both Ishita and I in a dot painting workshop. Then there was that moment i went back in time and taught Ishita one of my old childhood hobby (I still rock at it by the way, ask my cat!).

We did make these uber-cute little felt cacti and there are still plans to make a few more (stay tuned!).  There are enough paper clippings, watercolour paintings and bits of washi tape around the whole flat that still act as reminders of the fact we've been home a lot these past few weeks.
DH and I are working on cleaning the flat so we can stop saying that "Our home is a mess" (we are getting there...it's a slow process).

The Journal project "Summer of 2016" went really well. We made our local art supplies and stationery shop rich with all the stickers we purchased in the past 3+ months. Both our journals have doubled in thickness (Ishita's one tripled).
We decided to keep doing a creative Journal beyond that project. Ishita will keep a record of what she did in school everyday and I'll keep up with a creative journal of my own now that I can print quality picture at home with my Canon Selphy printer.

Before we went insane from the heat and decided to become one with the sofa or mattress, we did go out to take pictures of everything that blooms in Mumbai during the Summer.

This period of Consciousness-merging with upholstered items was only interrupted by us going out for Summer Gymnastic classes and my insane need to worship a Starbucks cup to stay somewhat sane myself.
Afterall, the instant we went back home from those outings, my flat was more often than not home to hordes of screaming 7+ years old girls that my introverted self found rather invasive at time (ok most of the time).

A few weeks before the monsoon blessed us, we also got to learn about Mesiodens, which basically are wierd extra teeth that have no real tooth shape. Ishita was blessed with one that was pushing her baby tooth aside. We ended up, spending a lot of time (and money) at the dentist to get both the wiggly milk tooth and the weirdo mesiodens extracted and temporary artificial tooth put in as we also learnt that her adult teeth are in no hurry to come.

The monsoon finally came, as a breath of fresh air and gave us promises of energy. We spent a lot of that time making new friends and spending time with old ones that came back from their own Mumbai Summer hibernation programme. Suddenly we all felt alive and well.

I managed to catch a cold for my Birthday and a badass UTI that landed me in the Emergency room a few days before Ishita's birthday (I'm feeling all better, no worries).

It's during this last stretch of holiday we finally discovered Kidzania

It's a kid-centric indoors theme park of sort where kids can either enrol in job like activities that earn them Kidzania Money or enrol in training activities on which they spend said money. It's up to the kid to find a balance between doing fun "money" costing activities, and doing "jobs" to earn money that they can spend on those fun activities.

In the 7 hours we spent there, Ishita learned about firefighting, car repair, worked as a pilot, dentist, surgeon, nurse, builder and supermodel. She did learn how to decorate doughnuts and even decided to become a detective solving crimes in Kidzania city.
Meanwhile, me and my friend waited for our ambitious daughter's relaxing in the parent's lounge and the coffee shop that Kidzania offers.

Parents in Mumbai and Delhi area, I highly recommend you take your kids there, it is super fun.

Before you know it, the school was slowly reopening, it started last week with 3 mornings of transition programme for new students. Students that are brand new to the school get to go for a few hours a day to get familiar with the school, the surroundings and the teachers so that they don't feel at a total disadvantage against the old students on the first day of school.

This must have gone really really well, because Ishita had more to say about those 3 mornings of activities than she had to say about her WHOLE 3 years in her previous school.

So, now that we are going back into a routine, I am going to get back to more creative blog post content.
Today, I am just enjoying the taste of freedom, thank you very much.


  1. Anonymous11:21 PM

    I'm so glad you got the rainy weather. I love a good rainstorm too. We went to Croatia this summer to visit some relatives, and it was as hot there as it is here, but it didn't feel as hot because it was less humid. Our rental unit had air conditioning, but DH cranked it up to 32 and complained all night about how hot it was. He forgot that he should have lowered it to 20 instead, even though he was raised with metric. I've had a really relaxing summer, but it's time for my least favorite time of the year: back to school and work.

    1. I can imagine how it is for teachers :-)
      The rain made the last stretch of this Summer vacation so much more bearable over here.
      I m glad that this Academic year will end at the end of May 2017, which means that I won't have to deal with keeping Ishita entertained the entire day at home in this heat. The first 2-3 weeks of the Summer break will be hot, but then the remaining 5-ish weeks will at least be pleasant.

  2. Anonymous2:22 AM

    I really like your education principles <3 - Padparadscha

    1. Thank you :-)
      I am all about promoting creativity and independence in my daughter, everything we did this Summer was geared toward that goal :-)


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