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4:00 PM

Pardon my sudden absence on the blog. I have been to caught up in watching the rain fall and being carried to blissville.

As the sky darkened and the ground got wetter I found myself sitting by the balcony with my hands wrapped around a cup of tea enjoying the cooler days, as the monsoon settled itself I renewed my ties with my "normal clothes" (anything that is not jokey shorts and spaghetti tops) and even enjoyed quite a few days of wearing track pants...Oh BLISS!

This less frequent blog post publishing is likely to continue as both Ishita and I are busy enjoying the outdoors, visiting friends and doing craft projects I don't have the time to take pictures of. Ishita and I on the last leg of this super long Summer break.

This month, my little Amazon Shopping guide is all about the monsoon, as usual, the links below are affiliate links. It means that if you buy anything, I'll receive a commission (but you won't be charged more).

1) The monsoon in Mumbai means you will find yourself with nothing but choice when it comes to picking up an umbrella for the season. Umbrella fashion is a SERIOUS matter in Maximum City and many will settle for the brightest brolly they can find.
This quirky black and yellow umbrella will make you fit in nicely, it even matches the local autorickshaw and taxi's colours.

2) Monsoon = fried snacks. Chaat shops are usually doing brisk business during a good rain. It's that time of the year when samose and pakode taste the best (or rather you are in the best disposition to enjoy them).
Give your dinning area or your kitchen a decor upgrade with this Samosa poster that reminds you that  you are still ingesting calories despite the rain. The same brand has coasters and mouse mats with the same print...you know just in case wall art is not your thing.

3) On a rainy day, my kettle is the most used item in my kitchen. I currently have an electric model, but the day it breaks, I totally myself go back to an old school whistling kettle like this too cute for words Kitchen Aid kettle

4) If Chai is your thing, then the monsoon is a perfect excuse to get these cheerful, "oh so desi" chai glasses. Then take picture of your chai and samosa and post it on Instagram or Twitter to let the world know how much you are enjoying the weather.

As I type these words, a new downpour has started and my tea cup is empty! Time for a refill...

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  1. Anonymous4:27 PM

    The umbrella is quiet colourful. I think there are transparent umbrellas also. We had a whole range of umbrellas, black with long curved handles, from biggest to the smallest. The big one could accommodate two people. The button umbrellas mostly get stuck when you need it the most. The Chinese foldable one are very flimsy.

    Talking about pakoras and chai, they taste better when it rains continuously and the atmosphere is cool. These days in Delhi we have heavy showers for half and hour followed by humidity and no rains for days. Monsoons have arrived in Delhi with sporadic rains, with blistering heat. One thing good about Mumbai is that it rains being near the sea. In Delhi, I guess these days rains have become optional for God. No real need.

    I got sugar test on empty stomach and it was slightly high, and have started with honey lemon tea. It does taste better than herbal tea. Everything else was just about right, body mass ratio, skeletal health etc, with slightly higher blood pressure. I guess I am at that age where there is every possibility of things going down hill. Must pull up my socks. How do you manage your sugar levels? I may get some tips from you.


  2. We had almost constant rain for over a week in Mumbai :-) with a short break here and there and this morning we ended up having about an hour of sunlight.

    I need to go for a check up, I recently went in for a bad UTI that the doctor suspected was kidney stones, and I found out that I have fatty liver disease which is linked to Insulin resistance but still need attention.
    I'm good at managing my blood sugar because I am not super fond of sugar to begin with. And, I tend to prefer whole grain carbs.

    The best way to keep your blood sugar fine is to cut down on starchy food as well as sugar. That means no rice, no potatoes and really limit the amount of bread and roti to a minimum, even if it is atta.
    With Insulin resistance, my body simply cannot process carbs efficiently, it can manage healthy fats like olive oil and coconut oil, as well as all Omega 3 fatty acid rich food much better. So I switched to a diet that is rich in lean protein and fresh vegetables and fruits.
    My plate on most day is about 2/3 vegetables and pulses and 1/3 protein. I am limiting pulse and dal too though, as protein rich as they are, they are also full of carbs, so my protein intake is mostly from chicken, mushrooms and dairy product, but I do eat fish or seafood at least once a week too.

    I love green tea which I drink without milk or sugar. Now with the discovery of the fatty liver problem, I also introduced the lemon juice and honey in hot water in the morning.

    But in the end, the best thing to keep your body healthy is to stay physically active, I go for a walk several times a week, once Ishita is back to school I hope to go back to walking daily. Right now my other problem is that my pair of sports shoes is starting to really be old enough for me to feel it after a 3.5-4km walk. Once the monsoon is over, I'll replace those sports shoes too, I don't want to damage my joints with inappropriate foot support. Then I'll go back to walking 5-6km a day I usually walk that distance in an hour an a half.
    Installing a pedometer app on my phone was the best way to motivate myself to walk, I may think about getting one of these fitness band thing in the future too.


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