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My favourite smart phone distraction has to be scrolling down my feed on Instagram. Of all social medias, this is the one I check the most, just for fun.

I am a visual person, I love looking at pictures, and I love seeing what other creative people like sharing.
Never mind, the fact I love sharing creative pictures with you all! Yes, that is right, Home Cyn Home has an Instagram account, and you should totally go follow it if you haven't already!

But today, I just wanted to share with you some of my favourite Instagram accounts, they one that inspire me, and bring out my happy.


This lady makes sketchbooks look so cool and the art of doodling really approachable. Every Single ones of her picture makes me smile, inside and out.

I mean, look at this one below and tell me it doesn't make you smile:


This account re-grams a lot of people who are into Mandala sketching, drawing and painting, on all surfaces.
It's full of colours, doodling, intricate designs and it helps me discover a lot of other accounts I would not have otherwise.


A photo posted by Colourspeak. Kerry. (@colourspeak_kerry_) on

This account is high in bright colours. She favours bright coloured walls or doors as a background. A reminder that colour and cheerfulness can be found all around you if you care to look for it.
This purple wall above is my current favourite.


This fellow Indian Blogger and Instagrammer has the most amazing home decor. With the right balance of white, colours and feeling of coziness.
I along with other decor enthusiasts marvel at the fact she manages to keep her home so pristine with all that white in India. She insists it is not that much harder than other colours scheme to maintain.

With two pets and a kid, I can only dream though. Spills and paw prints are my daily lot.

But seriously look at this living area and tell me it doesn't feel and look dreamy:


The ultimate "everything rainbow" account!I love the pastel tones and the research going into those pictures that can be describe as nothing but work of art.
She takes the smallest things like candies, buttons and confetti and turn them into a big picture of fun, proving once and for all that you can indeed make art with just about anything...ANYTHING!



This feed reminds us all that just because we are grown ups doesn't mean our homes should be dull, serious and free of any whimsy.
Chairs in different colours, string of multicoloured pompoms, happy cacti in pastel planters, water goblets in different colours and patterns? If you like it, you got to do it!


His feeds are full of the cutest little monsters you will find on the Internet! I simply can't get enough of these adorable watercolored drawings.

This brings me to an end for this post, I follow many more accounts that are all amazing and high in colour.
I might make another list another day. If you are curious about who I follow, then again, all you have to do is to follow me first.

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  1. I cannot imagine anything in my house staying that white for 3 hours here in Nepal. Even when I rarely wear white churidars they only stay white for 3 hours.
    Oh mercy, another social media I have to learn to use.
    Those are some pretty sophisticated doodles! Love that mandala elephant.
    Hey Cyn what's this fancy thing you've got at the end of your posts that looks sort of like linkedwithin with the fancy thumbnails?

    1. That thing is part of the blog template, no idea what the code for it would be like. The ladies in the Kim Six FB group might be able to help.

    2. I was on my phone when I wrote the first comment :-) So I kept it short.

      The all white would not work for me even without pets and kids because I love keeping my windows opened year round, it brings in a lot of dust. But I guess with windows closed it would be possible to pull it out, this flat is in Mumbai. Last December she made stunning cushion covers and a floor area rug using the regular greyish with a red stipe mop you find in most supermarkets in india, it was looking amazing.

      Instagram is actually pretty easy to use and while it may not get a lot of people to your blog, it promotes what you do nicely.
      The use of hashtags is paramount on Instagram, otherwise you don't get your pictures shown to many people. But unlike Twitter or G+ it shows you which hashtags exist and how many posts they have as you type it, so you can make a decision of which one to type and use immediately.

  2. Oh wow! So happy to see my sketchbooks here and I'm glad you appreciate my work. Thank you, Cynthia. And enjoy the creative journey!

    1. Thank you for putting a smile on my face everyday with your work, I love looking at your feed.
      And thanks for commenting on this blog post too :-)


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