Mouse pad makeover

6:03 PM

Give and instant makeover to an old shabby mouse pad using craft foam and glue. It's a 5 minutes DIY project!

It's been raining like crazy for the past 5-6 days and this pretty much had me on a standby on every front, including blogging (poor lights makes for poor pictures, even with Photoshop involved).

While I didn't blog, and didn't workout as much as I planned this week, I managed to keep myself busy on the creative front (you'll have to stay tuned...)

One of the project I got involved was a simple mouse pad project that took me no more than 5 minutes.

Over the years, we have killed our fair share of mouse pads and the latest one was really starting to look like it's seen better days:

This is a mouse pad that DH got free at work and we've been abusing it for well over a year. As you can see, the fabric on top of it is peeling off completely but the black foam underneath is still in ok condition.

I started by buying a sheet of craft foam at my local arts supplies shop, this wild and crazy expense set me a cool 30 rupees. To be fair this was the price of the sheet I used for that project. I bought this purple one, and a fabric lined foam sheet that looked super cute.

I ended up using the purple one because the mouse was performing a tad bit better on it than on the fancy fabric lined foam. Plus, the plain purple foam will be a bit easier to keep clean a bit longer.

Equipped with my foam sheet, I then peeled off the yucky fabric off the mouse pad to be left with a nice rectangle of black anti-skid foam.

I then grabbed my tube of "All Fix" glue (the type of glue that is transparent, is super gooey) and applied it all over the black foam surface.
Then, I immediately placed my purple foam on top of the glued surface and pressed it down evenly.

I finished it off by trimming the extra purple foam with a regular pair of scissors, and VOILA! You get a new mouse pad in minutes!

If you want to do a whole mouse pad from scratch, it's as easy. You simply need a piece of cardboard to glue the foam onto, or get a thick piece of craft foam (mine was pretty thick to be fair) and use it as it is after cutting it to the desired shape.

With these words, I will wrap it up and glide my mouse on my new mouse pad and click "Publish". 

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  1. it's looking lovely..gonna try this

    1. Thank you, let me know how it turns out.


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