Stationery September

9:00 AM

And here we are at the end of September!

Can you believe I managed to skip a few monthly shopping features only to finally find a theme for this month last weekend?
Looks like we are having yet another case of festive vortex at play here!

Sure, the way it is going this shopping spread could totally work as a gift idea list for Diwali. But for some rather obvious reasons, "Stationery September" is far more catchy a title than "Stationery October". Sue me!

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you probably know how crazy I am about all things notebooks and stationery supplies in general. I simply can't resist cute binder clips, pens and diaries. I feel so much more productive with the prettier versions of everyday desk and office items.

With the end of the year coming soon and the scope to start afresh with new diaries, planners and make resolutions to stay organised many of you will take. There is no better time to start getting inspired and vow to make those desk items cuter than ever as well.

With this in mind, I made a starter list of all things stationery and cute Amazon has to offer. And like every shopping guide, the links given below will be affiliate links. If you end up buying anything, I get paid a commission (at no extra cost whatsoever for you).

So, without any further ado, and before we run out of September time, here is my pick of the month:

1) Binder clips are the most versatile thing to have around. Take my word for it, I use them All. The. Time.
To hold paper, bookmark pages in my notebooks, on my kitchen door to hold important notes, for my craft projects, and as photo props. Since they are long lasting, it really really make sense to invest in a bunch of really cute looking ones like these adorable blue ones.

2) The crap pad.  Sure, you could list all the crap you need to do on a regular piece of paper, but then it will be just crap that might even make you unhappy. This pad will at least keep you smiling.
The seller "Knock Knock by Mufubu" has a whole range of hilarious note pads and sticky notes to gift to your friends or keep to yourself. Including the equally noteworthy "Get your shit together pad", you know, just in case the crap pad is not strong enough for you.

3) Sticky tape! The thing that seem to always vanish and make itself scarce when you need it the most.
Well, with boring old dispensers you'd rather dump in a corner that is no wonder it happens. Time to replace it with a stylish version for your desk, you are guaranteed not to loose it, or at the least notice it when someone took it away from its designed spot.

4) A funky diary for your thoughts, lists, doodles or plans is something I will never ever ever discourage anybody from buying.
This adorable donut notebook is one I actually own. I found it in my local stationery shop and have big big plans for it.
I decided to try a bullet journal approach in 2017 and pretty much make the page of my planner as I go along (I'll get back to that in a few months...stay tuned).

I can 100% vouch for the quality of the paper in that notebook, and if this cover doesn't appeal to you, know that the Indian company "Look What Happened" has a lot more designs in store where this one comes from.
So go pick up your kind of cute already!

5) If you are a creative soul, you understand the struggle of having too many pens, markers and brushes to keep neat and tidy around your work area. This super gorgeous Aqua tin is actually on my "To buy soon" list. Four compartment is pretty much the minimum I need to tame my creative tools at the moment.

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  1. I too have a fascination for stationery, of course not to the extent you have! I am particular about having basic stationery items always at hand: like, writing paper, envelopes, clips, stapler, eraser, pencils, pens, a tube of adhesive, etc. Whenever I go on tour, I make sure that I carry a set of all these basic stuff with me in a box.
    Many years ago, when we used to file papers, we used to have tags. They have virtually disappeared now. I used to a set of tags and a punch to get a hole in the left top corner of the paper.
    How much ever we get digitized, we will still have fair amount of stationery around for sure.

    1. I don't think I ever saw those tags in action as a kid, but I remember seeing pictures.

      As kid I would really be excited visiting the stationery supplies aisle in our local supermarket. I still remember how happy I felt the day I bought a yellow highlighter pen with my allowances. It was the 80's, having a neon colour pen was considered super fashionable :-)

      One thing I think really died in the stationery world was the "correspondence kits". They existed in so many colours and designs when I was growing up, and my friends and I would exchange letters just to get a sheet of the cool design our friend had :-) We weren't posting them via snail mail unless we were going on vacation, but we would walk to our friend's place to drop it in their mailboxes :-)
      Then of course we all had at least one pen friend, either a kid we met on a holiday and exchanged address with, or a pen friend we got assigned randomly through a "pen friend service". This is how I got to hone my English writing skills as a teen as I subscribed to an International pen friends service :-)
      I still remember her cool Strawberry Shortcake stationery that came with a personalised header and she even had to super neat return address stickers for the envelopes.

      Ah! Those were the days!


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