A twist on Diwali lights

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Like every year, I seem to suddenly be taken by surprise and come to the realisation Diwali is just round the corner (October 30th this year).  This results in me trying to get my act together and get everything cleaned in my home (Lakshmi only come and bless clean homes) and try to squeeze in a few craft projects.

I was planning to work on a few crafts project I had in mind, instead we found oursleves deep cleaning the entire flat after the pest control agency we hired tackled a heavy from hell termites infestation that our housing society has been ignoring for years.
It took us 7 hours of pulling furnitures and emptying cabinets for the guys to drill and spray in our entire flat and put everything back together.

Anyway, this means I am dead beat on a Monday, and instead of working on a craft project, I decided to pull a shopping guide instead.
Diwali is called the festival of lights, and traditionally people light clay lamps filled with oil which are called Diyas.

The problem with Diyas is that they are wonderful as outdoors lights, especially if you live in a big old house.
In an apartment in a big city they are really more of a hassle (if not a hazard). I kid you not, DH and I downsize the amount of Diyas we use year after year. We hate the cleaning up afterward and the oil stains on the marble floor and wooden balcony banister (it never really goes away). Plus we have one kid, a dog and a cat, the risk of spills and burns is not worth it.

Last year I did share a great jar lantern DIY projects with you guys. If you haven't hoarded glass jars the whole year round and can't see yourself force feeding jams and pickles to your loved ones for the next 14 days this post is for you.
I put together my choice of lanterns and tea-light holders in this Amazon affiliate post (I get paid a commission if you buy anything, at no extra costs to you)

If you want your Diwali lights to be colourful and funky instead of traditional here is what should get you started:

1) Once upon a time, I had a galvanised version of that adorable blue lantern. It was an IKEA lantern from when before they were considered so cool and found their way in many a store. I miss that lantern a lot. So seeing that this cutie now comes in many colours, I just HAD to include it on my list (I may actually buy a few this years...not yet decided).

2) There is something about metal and coloured glass lanterns that really grabs my heart, this hot pink one has the right balance or colour, gold and funk for my taste.

3) Glass really not your thing? What about a ceramic lantern instead? This one will cast a very pretty shadow on your walls as well.

4) So, glass is your thing, but you can't just pick one colour? This set of 5 tea-light holders should totally satisfy your need for colour.

5) If you are still have a penchant for traditionalism and rather have gold and less funky lights around your home, Borosil did come with a pretty golden lotus candle holder for you. That way you get some modern elegance paired with the charm of a traditional design minus the oil spills and mess. WIN!

6) If you have nowhere to hang your lanterns and do not want to risk damaging you furnitures with a metallic lamp that could heat, the solution is to get one that comes with a stand, like this sky blue one (it comes in different colours as well).

If you are afraid to use real candles (they can be dangerous if you have pets and very small children in the house) I suggest you go the LED candles route. They will give you a candle glow without the risk of burns and injuries. I did buy a couple of these LED tea-lights to use in my jar lanterns last year. They don't flicker and the light is a bit orange, but they did deliver them fast enough which was what mattered since it was a last minute purchase. If you plan your Diwali shopping now you could get better looking ones.
This is how they looked in my lanterns last year, and I plan to re-use them this year:

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  1. Anonymous10:11 AM

    May goddess Lakshmi visit your home this year and bless you with prosperity and creativity. Your last year glass lanterns were fantastic and I was expecting something like this year too.


    1. I am working on it :-) and some of my last year's lanterns are still in very good shapes so I will probably reuse them in my Diwali decor this year.


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