October 2016 Calendar Printable

7:30 AM

Go grab your copy of my Indian seasons and festival themed calendar page.
Can you believe that we are now officially entering the last trimester 2016 has to offer?
The LAST 3 months of the year?


I am actively preparing next year's calendar in between two festive season holidays as I write these wise words.
And, speaking of Festive season, it's time to get into the heavy bit of it. Time to shop, eat and repeat!

October will see both Dussehra and Diwali this year (on the 11th and 30th). On October 2nd (which is anyway a Sunday) we will have a dual holiday as it will be both Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday and the start of the Islamic New Year.

This is why I chose to illustrate the month with a pretty sparkler. You can't choose more festive an illustration to represent this month.

I could ramble a bit longer about October, but frankly I am just really bracing myself for the return of the heat and humidity in Mumbai. We had heavy rains in the second half of September that are typical of the monsoon withdrawing itself, what follows is rarely pleasant in this little corner of India.

2016 has come and gone, and I removed the links to the files. If you are looking for a calendar printable know that my 2017 edition is up for download, find it out in this blog post.

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  1. It's still pouring & thunderstorms up here in Nepal every night. Very unusual this time of year. Usually by the time Dussehra/Dashian comes around up here it's dry and cool. I envy your shopping opportunities in Mumbai!

    1. It is still raining for us too and it is feeling quite cold for the season. We had heavy rain all of last weekend and it continued to pour steadily until now. Right now as I write these words we are seeing the first tiny ray of sunshine in nearly a week. I dropped ishita to school while we were having a downpour just an hour ago.

    2. This Sunday we went shopping and I got to check the H&M that FINALLY opened in Mumbai. I am holding up buying clothes until after I reached my target weight but Ishita had a massive crush on practically everything in the kids section :-) sadly they now have the Winter stuff, all of it is suitable for North India, not so much in Mumbai. We ended up buying a couple of t-shirts for her though.


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