It feels like Fall November

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My apologies for the lack of blog updates. I am in that "in-between festivals" mode right now. I already let you know I am starting to think about Christmas at the moment.
But I also found myself occupied with some school holidays, a bunch of playdates, some outings, and the fact the weather is really starting to feel really nice in Mumbai.

Inspired by that really lovely weather and the promise of a cool to slightly cold Winter to come, I came up with a Fall inspired shopping spread this month.
We don't really get much of an Autumn season over here, pretty much everything stays in evergreen mode, and the only really palpable change comes in a drop in humidity levels and a slight drop in night temperatures.
If there is one season that makes me homesick it has to be Fall and its stunning display of red, gold and rust tones. It's that time of the year when my friends picture of nature walks and cosy fall themed home decor make my heart skip a few beats.

But, while Mother Nature puts less of a colourful show over here, there is no denying that there are some activities that we only get to really indulge in until this time of the year comes around.
A mix of spending time outdoors during the day and blissfuly cosy at home in the evenings.

Home decor might not really be about Autumn leaves, and pumpkins, but it can really be about warmth tones and feeling cosy.

Like I do every month, I browsed Amazon and put together my picks of the moment in a spread. Like every months, this is an affiliate post. If you click the links below and by anything on Amazon, I get paid.

Without any further ado, here is my selection for your home and wellbeing this November:

1) When I was browsing Amazon for this month's spread, I found myself looking at natural brown tones, wood and wicker. Those ethnic looking wooden serving spoons really stood out with their warm inviting painted detail.

2) The one thing I look forward every year in Mumbai is that time of the year when you no longer really need the ceiling fans as much, if at all.
When they go off, it means you can burn a few scented candles again (try lighting a candle under a fan...TRY!)
This time of the year also makes me long for warm scents, this vanilla candle in a jar is just what the season requires.

3) Fall is also that time of the year to just spend your cooler evenings home with a good book. This year, don't just dog ear your book's pages or use a blah piece of paper to mark your page before bedtime. Use a cute bookmark instead, and this adorable beaded beauty just goes with the season of warmth and cosiness.

4) Nothing conjures memories of Fall better than a wicker basket filled with apples or nuts in my book. Stash your favourite munchies in this round cane basket. It's marketed as a "roti basket" on Amazon, and this could even be an excuse to throw a fun dinner for your friends at home and serve, chapati, naans or paratha in style, and there is no arguing it looks a million time better than your standard insulated Milton roti box.

5) I am a tea lover, and November is the time of the year to drink more tea (well at least for me). And while it probably would take an entire blog post to list ALL my favourite teas, I can at least start by recommending a "starter kit".
As far as tea bags go, the brand Goodwyn has some really good quality brew. Their "Assorted Collection" tin is a great way to discover the brand's classics.
This is one box I purchased more than once (I am on my 3rd one!) and my absolute favourites in the box are their warm "Kasmiri khawa" blend, Jasmine green tea and Darjeeling. If you don't like tea bags, they also sell a lot of their variants in loose leaves tins. Once those tins are empty they make for great home decor props.

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  1. Too bad Amazon doesn't deliver to Nepal. BUT you did remind me I've been saving some smelly candles under the bed for Fall/Winter! Right now I'm getting in the holiday mood with a Frankincense & Myrrh candle.

    1. Haha for some reasons the term smelly candles evokes something bad :-)
      Right now I have a hazelnut cream candle that makes me want to dig in a cookie jar.

  2. The last few months of the year are always fun-filled, The string of festivals bring in lot of positive energy and enthusiasm.

    1. This is my favourite time of the year for so many reasons. It's getting nice and pleasant climate wise, there is a whole lot of festivals and festive spirits going around and a lot of good seasonal food to go with it all.


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