Newspaper cone gift wrap and advent calendar

11:25 AM

The countdown to the end of the year and the arrival of Santa is starting tomorrow, and true to the family tradition, I did put together an Advent calendar for Ishita.

This year I am re-using the one I made in 2014 for the 3rd time. Those little paper cups are still looking good and it would have been a shame to throw them away. Waste not want not has been the theme of this entire festive season for me. After all, I already did upcycle some of my Diwali decorations this year.
The great thing about these paper cups, is that all I am left to figure out is how to gift wrap the Advent calendar presents. Last year (and the year before that) I went for green "kite paper". This year, I decided to not spend money on something that will end up in the trash before the end of December, so I came up with this:

A great way to recycle those old newspaper and not contribute more trash to the environment. Make little gift warp cones for your advent calendar presents.
Yes, you are seeing things right. I made little paper cones out of newspaper for this year's Advent calendar.
To make them a bit more festive looking I added little "Christmas tree" tags to each of them.

To make those tags I used two paper punchers, some red paper and a gold marker. First I punched holes with the Christmas tree puncher and then used my circle puncher to frame the christmas tree.
If you are going to do a lot of paper craft projects and/or scrapbooking, I can only recommend that you build yourself a collection of these cute paper puncher.
You can find them in most stationery and art supplies stores these days, and if all fail, Amazon comes to the rescue with a big range of paper puncher fitting all budgets. You can get a Christmas tree shaped one similar to mine for a hundred rupees, that is how affordable they can be.
The metallic marker I used is from Staedtler, which I treated myself to last month and is part of a set.

To make the little paper cone all you need to do is cut out squares in an old newspaper. For this project I used 16 cm by 16 cm squares, if you need them to be bigger or smaller, you know what to do.
To fold them into a cone, place the square in front of you so that it looks like a diamond shape. Then, fold the left bottom edge to the middle of the paper (on the vertical axis).
Put some glue on that folder part and then fold the bottom right edge over on the glued surface and press down.

At this point, you may have to let the glue dry a little if you didn't use a glue stick. Once the glue is dry, or holding its own, stuff your little cones with goodies. This year I kept it simple and stuck with chocolates and candies.
Then fold the top flap of paper over and secure with a bit of tape.
Last but not least, take one of your cute Christmas tree cutout tags and paste it on the folded flap.

If you are doing an advent calendar, repeat the process 24 times.

I placed one cone in each of the 24 cups of my Advent calendar. If you don't have that kind of set up, you can still make an Advent calendar in a jiffy by simply hanging them all on a string using clothes pins and assign a number to each of them.
Or, you could display them all in a basket or on a pretty tray you leave on the table, again with each cone bearing a number from 1 to 24.

Making the cones and stuffing them took me less than an hour. If you bypass the slightly more time consuming paper punching phase and simply use number stickers on your cone, you still have time to pull this one off today itself.

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  1. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Fantasticaly cute Avent cups. I specially like the cones filled with chocolates.

    About recycling, a few artists have used old 500 and 1000 rupee notes to create interesting artwork. Who could thought that currency notes could be used for art.

    BTW, how are you dealing with the currency crunch?


    1. Well that's pretty much the only thing you can do with those old notes these days :-)

      We've been dealing pretty well with this cash crunch thing, luck had it that when Modi made his big announcement I had only a couple of hundred notes in my wallet and hubby had a couple of hundred and only one old 500 note.
      We've been paying by card and online transaction for most things for years, we rarely have more than 2000 in cash on ourself or out of the bank for that matter. We only really use cash to pay for auto fares and small purchases at the kirana store, but since we don't have a lot of good vegetable vendors around and our kirana store is quite lousy we've gone to supermarkets for a while now.

      At one point hubby queued at the ATM and got lucky to get everything in Hundred notes, then a week later he queued at the bank and got a couple of 2k notes and managed to make enough change on them :-)

      I feel for those who haven't moved to digital transaction and tourists, this currency mess has been dragging far too long now.

    2. Anonymous3:09 PM

      Well, I kind of guessed that. We collected all the cash which included my salary and the little that we had saved for the rainy day deposited it in the bank and withdrawing. We had a many old 500 notes which the bank refused to take because they are out of circulation. This was part of our savings from the time we got married. It is was quiet a torture standing in the queue at the ATM/bank.

      For some inexplicable reason the ATMs used to go out of service/run out of cash when my turn used to come. Atleast at the bank, even if they run short of cash, they hand you some money. Let's say you want Rs.10000/-, they will pay you only Rs.50000/- but standing at the ATM many a times is futile.

      Everyone was out on the street looking for ATMs like hungry people look for food. It seemed like people are out for diwali shopping only that shops and restaurants are empty and banks are full. Many ATMs do not work in normal times, and these are extraordinary times. So most of them are not working, barring a few. Perhaps, Government want to test the legendary patience of the Indian people.


    3. Yeah I think some of th ATMs around my neighbourhood are still out of service, though I have been avoiding them for now.
      I know there has been riots and violence in other cities, in Mumbai people were surprisingly calm and patient about it. I think I stopped seeing a big queue at Banks this week, so hopefully that means things are settling down a little.

    4. Anonymous10:46 AM

      I was out of town attending a family marriage last week. The bride told us that she herself stood in the line one day before marriage, to withdraw money from the bank. Talk of extraordinary times.



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