November 2016 Calendar Printable

10:01 AM

Geesh! Here we are just 2 months away from kissing 2016 goodbye!

I don't know about you but I find myself feeling a bit edgy. I have the 2017 Calendar to finish creating and December and the Christmas season is approaching very quickly.

In fact, it's not until this morning when I replaced the October calendar page, with the November one that I realised I didn't schedule this very blog post!
We ran out of October before I got the time to get to it. I got completely consumed by Diwali (I'll get into that in my next blog post).

So, what's going on in November over here? Not much this year, Diwali happened on October 30th and people are likely to spend the next few day in a food and sweets semi-coma or traveling back to their home after a family visit, glad to finally get some rest.
The post Diwali period in India marks the end of the festive season for many, and a much deserved breather for those who are going to celebrate Christmas and the Advent in December.

November is also the start of the Strawberry season in India, a fruit that has gained a slow but steady popularity over the past few years. Their reputation as a super food and the fact that they are a diabetic friendly snack has made the Strawberry season something to look forward to. Especially when they grow not far away from Mumbai in the Western Ghats.

This is exactly why I chose to illustrate this month's calendar page with a cute strawberry.

2016 has come and gone, and I removed the links to the files. If you are looking for a calendar printable know that my 2017 edition is up for download, find it out in this blog post.

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  1. I have not ventured out of the compound here in Nepal since Tihar began 5 days ago. I'm not sure if strawberries will be coming down from the mountains yet. I'm waiting for the local oranges (more like clementines) to start showing up!

    1. They show up in Mumbai around mid-November. I still have raspberries from the last batch I ordered through a friend who knows a wholeseller to keep me patiently waiting.

      Oranges, or rather tangerines make their appearance in Mumbai by the end of the month or early December.
      Right now some fruit vendors are starting to sell these cute Chinese tiny mandarins, but I know they will start tasting sweet by mid-November so I am not buying them now.

  2. Anonymous11:34 AM

    It is has suddenly become cool with a slight mist in Delhi. After Diwali the pollution hung like fog for most of the time. Diwali festivities ended yesterday with the festival of "Bhaiya Dooj" a festival similar to Rakhi.

    November is also known in Delhi for the International Trade Fair at Pragati Maindan, which brings the entire Delhi together. Everyone heads in the same direction. If you are ever in Delhi during November do pay a visit to the Trade Fair, it is loads of fun.



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