Stay productive : The power of bulk tasking

2:54 PM

Stay on top of your planning and productivity by bulk tasking through your days.
You may have noticed I haven't been as productive as before on the blog front. The truth is, I found myself in a pickle with a productivity issue.

We have reached that time of the year when too much happens at the same time (hello festive season!)
I also had quite a few changes in routine happening all year long which had me wondering on which foot to hop more than once.
Blame it on the previous school inconsistent schedule, followed by a long  109 days Summer break, a new school, health issues that needed to be addressed and before you know it Diwali comes looming and leaves you in a daze.
It's almost the end of November, the end of 2016, the start of the Christmas season is upon us, and just yesterday I realised I still had too much left to do before we kiss this year goodbye and ring in the new.

Namely it was my unfinished 2017 Calendar project that was nagging me still as of yesterday!
And yes the picture above is giving you  preview of what is to come.

Productivity is something I find myself very often struggling with. Mostly because my brain tend to pull me in about 3000 directions all at once, the joy of being a creative thinker!
To get to do any serious dent in my daily to-do list I often need to just disconnect myself from any digital distraction and force myself to stay on task or at the most, finish a task before starting a new one.

What I recently discovered though, is that it is WAY easier for me to stay on track if all the tasks of the day follow a close theme. I call this bulk tasking. This means instead of first doing a blog post, then trying a new craft project, then squeeze in  little social media and add a dash of art and doodling before skipping to the less glamorous household chores I can't ignore anymore, I make sure my day is filled with similar tasks.

For example, yesterday I filled my to-do list with finishing my 2017 Calendar, and editing a few pictures I already had for coming blog posts. There was nothing else on that list that would take me to another room or distraction, and guess what? I did finish my calendar and other graphic work, it is all done!
Today my to-do list was all about things household related: cleaning, ironing a few clothes, grocery shopping, decluttering. It is 2.45pm as I type these words, and my household chores have been all done for over an hour, I even managed to squeeze in meeting friends for a quick cup of coffee.

Tomorrow my list will be pretty much all about planning and scheduling blog posts in order to find my blog groove back.

Bulk planning and tasking turns out to be a big time saver too, and at the end of the day I feel a bit less exhausted too. With less interruption in my flow, and less running around I get the satisfaction of a day well spent comes the evening. This helps me feel more relaxed and promote a better night's sleep.
So yeah, November has been a very slow month on the blog, but it is only because I am gearing up for a more productive time ahead.

How do you ensure you get things done in your day? 

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  1. How very Swiss of you Cyn!
    You've organized your organizing. I'm lucky if I can just make a list for the day.

    1. Ha! That's how deep rooted in culture this need for organisation is :-)

  2. How very Swiss of you


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