2016's favourite blog post

9:00 AM

Another year has passed and before we get ready to wave it goodbye in style (or not...I plan on wearing my sweatpants), I took the time to reflect on all the blog posts I wrote this year, pretty much like I did last year.

So without any further blabbering here goes my list :


Those pretzel crackers are some of the thing I miss the most in India and I managed to replicate them to some extent in my home. 
Since that recipe post went live I did figure out how to make them crispy, the secret lies in baking them twice. 


I added some gold to my decor that month, giving an old cane table lamp a golden makeover. Spray paint really can make anything better.


In March I showed you all that a simple glass jar can be made stylish with some chalkboard paint. No need to break the bank on fancy designer Home store jars people!


In April, Ishita and I entered the longest Summer break ever due to a change of school. To make it more interesting and document the insanity I initiated the Summer of 2016 Journal project. The bonus part being it got Ishita to practice her writing while having fun. 


In an effort to keep Ishita entertained during the hottest month of the year, I revisited an old childhood hobby of mine. She lost patience after just one bracelet, I on the other hand....


We dealt with a serious case of Felt Cacti fever as the sky brought promises of rain and my creative juice made a comeback. 


That month I showed you all how to make a felt traveller's notebook entirely from scratch...inserts included. Till date it has to be the most picture intensive tutorial on the blog, and one of the still very popular one too. 


In August, plagued by health problems due to years of Insulin resistance I started tackling my weight problem under medical supervision. 
I gave you tips on how to start loosing weight when your body is truly against you (metabolism issues are no joke).
As an aside, I lost close to 12kg since I started on August first and a still have a few kg left to shed, slow and steady wins the race. 


In the spirit of eating healthy I busted a few myth about salads that month. YES they can be a healthy, filling and satisfying MEAL! I gave you a 6 steps guide to an awesome salad to prove it. 


I recycled old things for my Diwali decor, this pretty blue flowing ribbon lantern was a pink faded fabric lantern from the year before. All made at home using the old frame and a lot of ribbons from the craft supply store. I still remember pretty much buying their entire stock of blue ribbon. 


Last month I let you in on my secret to stay on top of my daily to-do list : I bulk-task people!


My oven was out of commission most of this month so I didn't get to try any new baking treats recipes. 
My favourite project for Christmas this year has to be those spray painted steel plates.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year, have a great time celebrating with family and friends tomorrow and see you for a whole bunch of projects in 2017!

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  1. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Best wishes to you and your family in 2017! Thank you for your wonderful blog. My iPad doesn't always let me comment, but I read every new post. Take care!

    1. Thank you Susan, wishing you all the best in 2017 as well, may it be filled with joy, blessings and good health.

      I never had comment problems on the iPad, but some FB sharing issues, it doesn't let me share my content on my blog page anymore I have no idea why that is so, it used to work fine in the past.

  2. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Happy new year to you and family. May the new year bring lots of happiness and creativity to you.

    My favorite blog posts was the fish scale lamp because it was so unusually creative and the spray painted steel plates for its sheer simplicity. This is something anyone could attempt.

    The salad and shoe one was very comprehensive and useful information too.


    1. Happy new year to you and your family as well. May 2017 bring success and happiness to us all.

      The fish scale lamp is still up in my home and it was my SIL's favourite on my balcony :-) and you are right it is very simple to make.

      I'm happy you found the shoe and salad posts helpful. I think I should keep promoting them in the new year, as people are now starting to make resolutions to stay healthy, loose weight, exercise more...


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