Christmas baking round up

9:09 AM

This year is the first year since 2006 that I am yet to bake Christmas treats of any kind. How did that happen?

I'm glad you asked!

It started in late November when the fan on my microwave/convection oven failed me and caused the oven to overheat ever 10-15 minutes of it being in action.
A problem that should have been fixed very easily but thanks to Samsung and their utterly lousy customer care it took until last Wednesday to be resolved.
A saga that started with a confusion about an extended warranty from Croma and Samsung not being honest upfront about the process.
To be clear, the process is apparently to call Croma first, so that they can call Samsung who will then send a tech to check the issue and then send a report back to Croma before doing anything. When the oven failed me I stupidly called Samsung, unaware that they could not directly call Croma and sort their own business.
There was a lot of yelling, a lot of them putting the blame on me, some request cancelling, request replacing, a part that may or may not have come and Croma's struggle on getting the Samsung guys to cooperate.

But yeah! I got my oven back to business a week and a half before Christmas! It's a Holiday Miracle!

Except I got busy, then managed to get cold (I am still struggling to get my voice back) so now baking is really down low on my priority list. I'll probably get to it soon, just to mark the event, but it won't be a big cookie production like the other years.

In the meantime, I thought it would be great to round up all my holiday baking recipes posts in one place for all of you guys.

Milano Cookies

Milano or Mailaenderli cookies are a Swiss Christmas classic, no cookie tin is complete without that rich buttery golden cookie
The rich buttery taste and hint of lemon of these cookies take me straight back to childhood. I could never stop myself from eating the uncooked cookie dough. 
They are Swiss classic Christmas treat even though the recipe is probably of Italian origin as the name suggest. 
They are easy to make, probably the easiest of all the Swiss Christmas cookies, all you need is plenty of eggs, butter and white flour. 

Zimtsterne (Cinnamon stars)

Cinnamon stars cookies are as tasty as they look. They are the star of Swiss Christmas cookies for a reason
This cookie is pretty much the star of the Swiss Christmas cookies. They are made with whole ground almond, egg whites, icing sugar and a liberal amount of cinnamon powder. They not only taste awesome, they look the part too.

Gingerbread cake

This recipe is quick and easy and packed with Christmas flavour
If cookies aren't really your thing, this cake is still packed with Christmas flavour and spirit, and keeps really well in the fridge.


Aka Swiss Brownie, they are rich in chocolate flavour and chewiness.
Brunsli is Swiss German word that translates as brownie. And that cookie lives up to its name, it has a super rich chocolate flavour and chewiness of brownie thanks to the fact it is made with whole ground almonds  and egg white (just like the cinnamon star).
This one is super popular with my friends and usually never stays long in the cookie tin when I bake a batch. 
One of my friend even found a way to make them a year round treat by simply rolling the dough into small balls that she flattens a tiny bit on the cookie sheet before baking (it's faster to make them that way than with a cookie cutter too).

With this post, I wish you a Merry Christmas 

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  1. Anonymous12:36 PM

    Merry Christmas to u and family. I like the cinnamon star and gingerbread cake.

    I have always liked cakes. I think the gingerbread cake has a slightly tangy taste.

    How r u feeling? Winter has arrived in delhi with fog playing hide and seek. The sudden drop in temprature has brought back cough and cold.

    Thank god your oven is working. I hope the other appliances are working all right. These have a habit of breaking down when u need them the most.


    1. Merry Christmas to you too,
      I am having BIL and his family over this week so a bit busy offline. We had a fun time celebrating Christmas all together this year.

      I think every appliances and electronic that could break ended up breaking this year : Then mixie, the fridge had problem twice, the DVD player stopped working, the Tata Sky box started smoking and died...then the oven. the washing machine and TV are too recent to have issues just yet, though the oven broke right outside the original 1 year warranty, so can't say.

    2. Anonymous9:19 PM

      The new electrical appliances especially friges are fragile. The new fridges with their light body and plastic shelves and limited space are no good. God knows what they put in them these days. The freezer door of our samsung fridge broke off and the shelves, the less said the better. They are so flimsy.

      The old steel fridges with steel grilled shelves and ample space lasted a lifetime sometimes 20 to 30 years like trusted family members.


    3. Oh you have a Samsung fridge too? Ours first had an electronic panel problem and it kept changing the temperature on its own. Then hubby opened the fridge door and the handle broke. It took them over a week both time to fix the issue. The fridge handle was a near 3 weeks ordeal.

  2. Hi Cyn, Hope you had a great christmas! I tried your Gingerbread cake recipe... my first time ever baking and tasting gingerbread cake, and I loved it! I did make some changes though, substituting white flour with whole wheat flour, tripling the ground ginger and added another 1/2 tsp of baking soda. Made for a yum treat. Thank you!

    1. Merry Christmas! My celebration was fun this year as BIL is here for the week.

      I am glad to hear the gingerbread caked turned out great and that you enjoyed it. I'll have to try it with more ginger next time I bake some, it sounds delicious.


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