Christmas decorative plates DIY

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These plates started as stainless steel plate that have been spray painted and then embellished with acrylic paint and glitter glue
My oven had the nerve to break last weekend leaving us in a Christmas cookie crunch. Fortunately it is not a big damage, it is still under warranty and it should be fixed in a day or two.

In the meantime, Ishita and I needed another project to keep ourselves busy. I tapped into my "idea tank" and fished out a project I have been meaning to do for a couple of years.
You see, comes Christmas and the market here in India is flooded with either cheap and tacky decorations, or really nice ones that are way way overpriced. There is an emerging middle ground as of now, but not for everything.
A couple of years back I saw a whole bunch of Christmas themed plates for sale in a home decorating store and I always thought I should make my own one day.

The plates in the picture above pretty much looked like this before I got started on them:

If you live in India or are familiar with India at all you know that these are good old regular stainless steel plates normally used to eat everyday food.
The type of plate that always made me think of a camping trip and only really use as baking trays nowadays (don't judge).

This type of plate is super easy to find in India, and super affordable too. I just headed to my local D'Mart and bought two new ones last weekend (the one in the picture above is one of my "baking trays".
If you can't find a steel plate or tray, I am sure you can do it with a ceramic plate or even a plastic one.

The first need you will need to do with your plate is spray paint them in a well ventilated area (seriously spray paint fumes are nasty). For this project I used "Silver Red" paint from the brand Bosny, which I luckily found at my local arts and craft supply shop but can be bought on Amazon as well.

I sprayed two layers on the inside, and the outside of the plate and allowed a whole day for them to dry properly.

This is a prefect way to build memories with your kids letting them decorate a special Christmas plate themselves.

Once completely dry and oh so glossy, I first used one as a prop for my Advent Calendar paper cone gift wrap post.
Then, I handed one over to Ishita and kept the other to myself. We took some of my acrylic paint out, along with my beloved 3D liner glitter glue (because it's me and Christmas is pretty much the peak of glitter glue season!).

Ishita painted the Christmas tree plate in the picture above, all by herself might I add. It now resides as a centrepiece on our coffee table.

As for myself, I painted a snowflake plate:

This snowflake plate started as a stainless steel plate that got spray painted first and then decorated with acrylic paint and glitter glue
It currently grace the centre of our dinning table. It goes without saying that these plates are DECORATIVE, I highly doubt the spray paint is food grade. So if you decide to create a few pretty plates of your own, do not use them to serve hot food unless you managed to get a food grade paint to do the work.
I think at the most, these two plates above can hold a few cookies, or serve as a tray to display snack bowls. In any case, I would not want food grease and dish soap to destroy my art work.

This could be the perfect way to make lasting family memories with your kids, letting them each paint a Holiday plate and then display it year after years as soon as December comes around. If you have enough space, you could even make it a family tradition to paint a plate a year and display them all around your home.

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  1. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Such innovative use of stainless steel plates.


    1. Isn't it :-)

      It's amazing what a little spray paint and doodles can do to a boring old plate. This is the kind of project that can be adapted to all seasons, festivals and even be used in everyday decor.


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