December 2016 calendar printable

9:00 AM

That's it! We are now in the final stretch toward 2017.

I don't know why, but for some reason this year has been both long and passing too quickly at the same time. Not that I miss the sluggish bits, and am happy to see them in the past where they belong, but it seems it was only yesterday I was sharing the whole 2016 edition of that calendar.
Yet, here we are in December and my 2017 calendar is just about ready to go (stay tune the whole 12 months of it will be up for download later this month).

But before we get all worked up about January, the new year resolutions and yes my new calendar, let's just take the time to enjoy the season, spend time with family and friends and give 2016 a proper goodbye.
This months Calendar page, is Christmas themed and celebrates the joy of giving and celebrating. You can go download this last month of the year's page here.

This month I'll be indulging in baking goodies, crafting and spending time with my friends, December business as usual. I think it is nice to have a whole month to celebrate those bonds and be grateful about what and who we have in our lives. 

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