Small Pom Pom Christmas tree DIY

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A big huge Christmas tree, as festive and important as it is in my world, may not really be something everybody would go after.

There could be space constraints, cost constraints (let's face it the big ones aren't really cheap), personal taste, or even personal beliefs coming in the way.

If for any reason you can't just commit to a big Christmas tree in your house (or workplace) but still really really need to have a tree, here is a solution :

A small Pom Pom Christmas tree

This cute little tree will find a place anywhere in your home, or on your desk at work. And it is quite fast to make if you have those nifty pom pom makers on hands: 

You may remember these from my equally adorable "Pom Pom snowmen" project from last year. I totally recommend the purchase of this pom pom makers set from Amazon, it'll cut your pom pom making session in at least half the time (if not more).

But back to our Christmas tree shall we? 

For this project, you will need: 

- Some green yarn, though if you want to get any other colour it's fine too. I am just a bit old fashioned and like my Christmas trees to be in more traditional colours. 

- Pom Pom making tools in 3 sizes. I used the two biggest and the smallest in my set. If you don't have a pom pom making tool, simply cut "donuts" out of cardboard in 3 different sizes (two donuts per size).

- Wooden beads or sequins to make the ornaments

- A fancy cord to make the "tinsel garland"

- A needle to thread all your pom pom together

- A hot glue gun to glue the ornaments. If you don't have a hot glue gun, you can use "All fix" type of glue instead, but trust me, you are going to be doing a lot of craft projects, you'll really love having a hot glue gun like this one

Start by making your 3 pom poms, one for each size. If you are using a pom pom maker it will more or less be done that way: 

If you are using the more old school "donuts" method, keep on wrapping your cardboard base evenly with the yarn until the hole is almost closed. 
For a complete tutorial, look no further than my snowmen post

Once you have your 3 pom poms, take an arm length of yarn and thread it on a broad needle. Thread your pom poms on your length of yarn like beads on a necklace starting with the smallest pom pom. 

Once you threaded the big one loop the thread and go through all your pom poms from the biggest to the smallest. 
Your two extremities of thread should be coming out of the small pom pom. 

Then, make sure your 3 pom poms are close together and look attractive as tree shape before tying your two yarn extremities together. 

Your pom pom tree is ready to decorate

I started by hot gluing the two "tinsel garland" cords on the bottom and middle pom pom. Then, I hot glued the little wooden beads on. 

I was toying with the idea of gluing a star made of pipe cleaner on the top, but decided to go with a little bow I had in my box of scraps. Because yes, a lot of my craft supplies come from scraps

You can of course use anything to decorate your pom pom tree: plastic charms, little strings of beads, glitter, sequins...

And if you have more space in your home, or feel really really inspired, nothing should stop you from creating a cute little pom pom Christmas tree forest, or make more to gift your friends. 

This post contains some affiliate links, if you click and purchase anything, I get paid. It doesn't affect the price you will pay at check out though. 

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  1. Awwww! that is adorable! I bet it's cute hanging as an ornament too.
    I bet I could make that out of the local yak yarn here for a super poofy tree!

    1. With smaller pom poms it would totally work as a tree ornament indeed.

      Is yak yarn really thick? I remember my grand ma making those winter sweaters out of super thick "virgin" wool, the best thing to keep you warm on mountain snow slopes.

  2. Yak hair is like wires. Like 5X as coarse as 'virgin wool".
    I was thinking a row of those pompom trees would look nice hanging over a doorway or large window. And since they are so light they'd be easy to hang.


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