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12:25 PM

12 days left until Christmas folks!

One of the thing I do not miss one bit about the Holiday from back in Geneva is the pressure of having to complete all your gift shopping early to avoid the rush and the crowd. I also have way less gifts to come up with which is an added bonus if you ask me.

If you are planning on celebrating Christmas the very traditional way in India, chances are you are on the lookout for gifts ideas and roaming around in malls and markets trying to figuring out what to give to your loved ones.

I decided to put a bigger gift guides together this year (last year I did one just for tea lovers, and yes the links still work).
This year I give you my pick of gifts for Homebodies, Kids, Artists and Budding chefs. It goes without saying that this is an Affiliate post, if you click any of the links below and buy anything I get paid at no extra cost to you.

So without any further chit chat, let's dive in!

Gifts for the (Quirky) Homebody

Have a friend or family member that can't get enough home decor items in their lives? I sure would fall in that category myself. 

1) I don't know about you, but I always found those US mailboxes very cute looking, the idea of getting one inside the home to hold knick knacks and papers is pretty appealing to me. This red tin mailbox comes with a set of stickers to personalise it. 

2) Are you a fan of Chumbak's pop art kitsch style? I found myself drooling over all their cushion covers, but for the sake of this guide, I decided to showcase their "Snuggly Cats" one, because I am a cat person (don't judge).

3) If square cushions aren't really what you are looking for and you need even more quirk quotient to infuse into your gift, this donut cushion should do the trick. 

4) Another great find from Chumbak's! What better ways to hide knick knacks, snacks or secrets than in this pretty Owly Wonders Jar?

5) I found out about these coasters simply because one of you dear readers purchased them last months after clicking on one of my affiliate links and it showed up in my earning reports. To whoever purchased them, THANK YOU. These coasters from "Be Awara" are just the right amount of colour, quirk and fun to be the type of things I feature on this blog. Thanks again for leading me to an awesome find!

Gifts for kids

What would Christmas be without kids getting new toys? I already put a kid's toy shopping guide together last April, but if you need a few more ideas all the ones featured in the picture aboves have been tested and approved by Ishita over the years.

1) If there is ONE big ticket toy you must ever get your children it has to be a toy kitchen. Trust me on that kids love them. In my play date group all the kids have one of one kind or another and they get played with all the time! By kids of both gender and of all age. Be it to play restaurant, host a tea party or play house.
Ishita got an older and simpler looking version of that Fisher Price Dora Kitchen in 2011, and it was money well spent.
It's still intact, she still plays with it 5 years later, her friends all love coming over to use it, and we only lost a few of the original accessories over the years, which you can totally replace with other things.

2) I already recommended that fleece quilt kit last April, and I will again. Ishita got it as a birthday gift last year, and while I helped her assemble it, she is now still using it. It has been in the wash countless time. Kids get to have fun making it, and using it. Win-win!

3) Ishita got this scrapbooking kit as a gift last July, and it was the perfect excuse to print out a lot of my phone picture on my Canon Selphy. The kit comes with lots of stickers, tags, and patterned papers to turn the album provided into a beautiful memory book.

4) To complement the kiddie kitchen, we got that beautiful set of wooden Food stuff by Melissa & Doug a few years ago. Same as the Dora kitchen, it is still played with regularly, you can't go wrong with any of the wooden food stuff from that brand, be sure to check their Pizza toy as well.

Gifts for the Artist

As an artist myself, I can tell you I'd be happy with anything crafty. If you have an artist among your loved ones and need a few pointers, there you go: 

1) This one is straight from my own Wishlist. I have been thinking of getting myself a Calligraphy handbook and get the hang of hand lettering for a while now. 

2) There are pencils and pencils in this world, and while the regular kind is fine to doodle and colour, the best thing you can get is a set of Watercolour aka Aquarelle pencils. Those pencils are water soluble and you can drastically change the whole look of your drawing buy using a wet paintbrush over your scribbles with that kind of pencils. An artist's must have. 

3) I already featured that super awesome pen's holder in the past. In fact, I own it, and it sits at my desk. It's super roomy and has all the space I need for my pencils, markers and pens. It's so neat I plan on getting one in another colour for Ishita if it says anything about how much I love it. 

4) If your loved one is not yet into fancy planners, or hasn't made the jump into creative planning and journalling, why not get them a kit to get them hooked to it? This Planner/scrapbooking kit looks pretty nifty. 

5) It's no secret that I love scrapbooking and creative journalling (or anything that involves a notebook). If you have friends that are as into that kind of thing as I am, get them a pretty photo album like this one to store their happy memories in style. 

Gifts for the budding chef

Last year I shared with you all my Kitchen Fantasy Wish-list, but if you have a loved one who spend more time in the kitchen than anywhere else and need more ideas, here they are: 

1) Sure, anybody can just do fine with a standard set of plastic measuring cups! But what fun is there in gifting those? Those adorable ceramic measuring cups make for a perfect gift and will brighten any kitchen at the same time. 

2) I own this book, have had it in my kitchen for 9 years now and I love it! I can recommend it to anybody wanting to start baking. It has a lot of tips, tricks and a lot of recipes to try, all of them close to fool proof even for a beginner. 

3) Love boiled eggs? Can't stand by the stove to boil them to perfection? You or your loved one need this egg boiler / steamer. Plus it looks super cute. 

4) Fruits are healthy, we should all eat more of them. To get the entire family to eat them with a big smile on their face, nothing beats this Monkey fruit fork set. If I say so myself...

There is it, my ultimate 2016 gifting're welcome!

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  1. Anonymous5:32 PM

    These gifts are fantastic. I specially liked the doughnut cushion, owly wonder jar, quilt maker and egg boiler.

    "Chumbak" is a queer name, it means magnet in Hindi, maybe that is why they have such attractive products.

    Your gift list for children is quiet good. The quilt maker and scrap book could be the thing which we were looking to keep our son engaged creatively, as he is fond of colour and painting. could you suggest something more, maybe a puzzle?


    1. Chumbak's products sure are attractive :-)

      Growing up I did a lot of jigsaw puzzles and every Winter my mom and I would take the formal dinning table (we ate in the kitchen everyday) and start a big puzzle that would take us weeks to finish :-) usually we picked something between 1000 and 2000 pieces, and if we had less time until we needed that living room dinning table we would do a 500 or 800 pieces puzzle.

      Our favourite brand was Ravensburger, they really had the coolest designs. Those puzzles are available on Amazon in India :,k:puzzles,p_89:Ravenburger+Puzzles&keywords=puzzles&ie=UTF8&qid=1481712474&rnid=3837712031&linkCode=ll2&tag=hocyho-21&linkId=c0b58a7eb7a5c4addee6c66739d0c02b

      You can't go wrong with these, the quality is the best there is out there.

    2. Anonymous11:57 AM

      Many thanks for the information.



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