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I'm a tea lover, no secret here, it's even in my blog bio and at the end of every blog posts. I live on the stuff, and as soon as the temperature dips I pretty much soak in it, be it actual tea, or fruit infusions (which have no tea leaves in it).
Last year I wrote a blog post about my love of tea and how I have favourites for all seasons and occasions.

Nothing will ever change there, I am the type that will try new flavours and brews all the time. And if I had the space in my kitchen there would be a big "tea bar" with a lot many brews than I currently have all prettily displayed in matching tins with cute labels and all. That's how serious I am about tea people. And to answer the question that is sure to pop again : I do not like milky masala chai. Call me names and grab your pitch forks if you must, it won't change that fact. I have tried it in many places across India, I will drink it if there is really nothing else, but I can't say I love it, or even like it. It's probably because I am not a fan of milk diluted in hot water, and that is why I am not a huge fan of coffee either if you must know.

Nope, I like my tea "black", without milk, and without sugar, and I put black in bracket because my love of tea is not limited to that one type, I love green, white and fruity brew equally.

So this year I decided to focus my January shopping guide on all the teas I think you should keep in your pantry. All are tea-bags, because hey, that's convenient, but no I am not against loose leaf tea at all. Again if I had the space there would be a lot of that in my picture perfect matching tins display that my tea bar would be.
This post is an Amazon affiliate post, all the links below are affiliate links. This means that if you buy anything I get paid, at no extra cost to you might I add.

Dilmah Peach Flavoured Tea This is the one tea I MUST start my day with. No matter the season you can bet the first thing I'll grab in my tea cabinet will be this one.
I love it so much I had to include it in this list despite the fact it frequently goes out of stock on Amazon (and is as I type these words).
It's Ceylon tea that has a nice yet not overpowering peach flavour added to it. I have drank a lot of fruit flavoured black teas over the years, this one is one of the best I've ever tried.
My local supermarket stocks it, and I make sure I pick it up as soon as half the opened pack has been consumed. It tend to go out of stock there too, and my definition of "Worst morning" is not having that tea in my cup, and yes it has happened once.

Tea-A-Me Kashmiri Kahwa Before I continue rambling about that tea, let me state that there hasn't been a single Kashmiri Kahwa I haven't loved. This one is a mild brew, it contains only green tea, cinnamon and cardamom. It's light and aromatic enough to drink even on a hot Mumbai Summer day, and not surprisingly it is what I consider my "Summer Kashmiri Kahwa tea". Tea-A-Me is a brand I usually prefer for its fruit infusion though, and there will be some of these below.

Goodwyn's Kashmiri Kahwa This one is my Winter Kashmiri Kahwa, it packs a lot more punch and flavour than the previous brand. Not surprising considering that apart from its green tea base it contains saffron, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, rose petals and even almonds. Needless to say it has a very warm and full bodied aroma. Try it on a day you feel a bit under the weather, I guarantee that your spirit will be lifted almost instantly.
Goodwyn is an Indian brand I strongly recommend when it comes to tea, if you never tried them, I suggest you start with their "Assorted Collection" it contains 20 tea bags across 10 flavours, you won't be disappointed by them. Plus the assorted pack comes in a pretty tin.

Typhoo Coconut green tea This one is one of my "Summer tea" and the only actual tea (as opposed to fruit infusion) from the Typhoo brand I really like along with their lemon grass variety. It's fresh, it has flavour and isn't too bitter even if you forgot to take out the tea bag out after 2 minutes (green teas need to generally brew a shorter amount of time).

Goodwyn's Jasmine green tea Another big win for Goodwyn, this tea has an amazing flowery note and none of the bitterness you find with a lot of green teas. I was not joking when I said I highly recommend the brand.

Golden Tips Earl Grey If you'd rather stick to classic brews, this one is the one to go for. I have tried a lot of Earl Greys over the year, it's my to go to flavour to start the day when I am travelling. This particular one is a full leaf tea in pyramid shaped tea-bags, so it has a super awesome flavour.

This rounds up my pick of actual teas, I mean the ones that contain real tea. Now let's dive in my picks for fruit infusions and herbal teas shall we?

Tea-A-Me Cranberry Apple The Swiss, or rather Central European way of ending your day is to drink a cup of caffeine free infusion before bedtime, and it is such a big thing that most supermarkets will stock up as many variant of fruit infusions and herbal brew as they stock tea.
This Te-A-Me variant is among my favourite bedtime flavours, it has a nice rich fruity flavour, and like most fruit infusions also contains Hibiscus flower, which has been proven to lower BP and relax you. The other variant I love from the same brand is the Apple Cinnamon variant. Both are great as herbal iced tea as well.

Typhoo's Black Currant Bracer This one was one of the first one I found readily available in India, it has a rich berry flavour that is great on a Winter evening.

Organic India's Tulsi Mulethi Organic India is a brand that is famous for all their different variant of Tulsi teas and Tulsi herbal tea. My particular favourite from the brand is this one though, mulethi is the Hindi word for liquorice root and this herbal tea has a nice liquorice flavour that perfectly balances the tulsi in it.
It's my pick for beating anxiety and stress, liquorice has after all soothing properties. DH is a fan of another tea from the brand : Tulsi Ginger which we have in loose leaf in a tin at home, but does exist in tea bags as well.

So, how do you like your tea? Are you adventurous with flavours when it comes to what's in your cup?

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  1. Tea, glorious tea!!!!
    I just make traditional milky chai but with no sugar. We have a local blend of masala chai I use in the Spring & Summer called "Sri Kripa" which I think is just Assamese black tea with green cardamoms and a few cloves in it.
    When it starts getting cold I just use Assamese black tea (Tokla) boiled with a few slices of fresh ginger and about 7-8 black peppercorns.

    1. I think my issue with milky chai is that I can't have any milky drink without sugar as I really dislike the taste of milk, and for some reason i really don't like the sugary taste in tea. I can happily overload a coffee with sugar to make both the taste of milk and coffee more palatable, and in fact that is the reason why I love Starbucks and all their flavoured syrups. But when it comes to tea, not even honey will do in it :-)


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