Magic hour on the beach

10:43 AM

Hi all! Did you spend a nice and relaxing weekend that energised you for the week ahead? I sure have!
This Sunday we woke up early and headed to our favourite beach in Mumbai : Aksa beach. We reached at around 8.30, all ready to enjoy the fresh Mumbai Winter air. What made it really great though was that we were on the beach during the last bit of the magic hour.

And, NO! I do not mean to say that the beach comes alive with elves, goblins and fairies at a specific time of the day. It also doesn't mean your every wishes will be granted if you dip your feet in the water while chanting a mysterious incantation.
The magic hour is a photography term that refers to that short period of time after Sunrise or before sunset when the light is softer and warmer than the rest of the day.
The evening magic hour is usually a more orange hue while the morning one gives a nice golden light. If you want to know more, the ladies at "A beautiful mess" explained it pretty well.

I could not resist taking a lot of pictures and many of them are already printed and pasted in our year book.
Aksa beach during the Golden hour is a bright warm yellow, thanks to the light coloured sand the beach has.
All the pictures below have been taken with my HTC phone and minimally  edited with the "A color story" app which is my "to go" app to edit most of my Instagram pictures (by the way, if you aren't already following me there, click on the follow me icon on this blog).
I used the "Everyday" filter at top strength to boost the brightness naturally and then added a tiny hint of the "Magic Hour" filter, just to give the already quite golden hue of the pictures an extra glow. And I mean a tiny bit of that filter.

The morning light right after sunrise made this seashell look even funkier than it does look

I posted another variant of that picture on Instagram yesterday, as I spent my time on the beach picking up seashells with many a craft project in mind for them. This seashell is particularly photo-worthy because it has that funky, geometric pattern on it.

Aksa beach always has the knack to make one feel tiny, pictures taken during the golden hour makes it even more so.
While I was picking up seashells and being the official "family photographer", DH and Ishita raced on the beach.
Aksa beach is extra special in the sense that when it is low tide, there is a LOT of beach. The sea retreats pretty far, it makes anybody standing on it look tiny and rather insignificant. It's also a long beach front, so it rarely looks crowded, even with a lot of people on it, unlike Juhu beach.

It took them a while to cross the distance of that sandy patch and stop being dots on my pictures. Then, they ran the other way...

Same beach, same sun, different angle. They were bold enough to dip their feet in the water. DH did comment it was cold though...well...duh! Even though the "cold wave" left Mumbai this weekend, it's still Winter time and it is still pleasantly cool in the mornings.

Reason why I left my shoes on and kept my feet dry. I just barely recovered from a big cold, no point in getting myself sick again.

Each time we made it to that beach, I can't resist taking a snap of the sea horizon. Mostly because, as I said, this beach is giganourmous and make you look and feel really small.
In the Winter you also can't really see where the sea ends and the sky begins as clearly, thanks to the smog/fog. It makes for even more dramatic pictures, especially if you use a 7 years old armed with a toy spade to fight the ocean's might as a model.
The sea was actually super quiet that day, It was at its lowest tide-wise and just starting to come back up. The waves were few and very small, it almost felt like we were by a lake rather than the Arabian sea.

One of my rare selfies, taken during the magic hour on Aksa beach
And last but not least, I treat you to one of my rare selfies. This picture, unlike the others have NOT been edited at all. What you see is what my phone captured, without filters. I was tempted to at least remove the last trace of that cold sore that plagued me all of last week with photoshop, but decided against it, it feels more authentic looking. It also went in the year book that way as a reminder I dealt with a cold from day 1 of 2017. It also shows how much weight I lost since last August, though to really notice that you either need to know me in person, or have access to a lot of my old pictures (and there aren't that many around...)

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  1. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Seems like you had a fantastic time. The beach is beautiful and so are the pictures. I hope you have recovered fully from the cold. It is frighteningly cold in Delhi, with temperatures hovering around 2 degrees last week. It just became too cold too soon. I myself had a numbing headache which I realized was due to severe cold. I had never had cold during winters in my entire life.

    Thankfully, the weather has improved. We have cold mornings and sunny afternoons. The only saving grace is that there is no fog in the mornings.

    Talking about the sea and beach, I remember the beautiful sand sculptures which I saw at Puri in Orissa. I don't know whether they do sand sculptures in Mumbai. It is fantastic rare art and labour of love too.


    1. Yeah we had some of that cold wave in Mumbai, with temperatures dipping suddenly over night last week. Not as low as Delhi but it went down to 11.9 degrees in the morning one day last week. There have been lower temps in the past years, I think the record I experienced myself was 10 degrees.
      As far as my cold is concerned, feeling better now :-) I started the New Year with a mild fever and body aches and have been sniffing, sneezing and coughing until last Thursday, I got better to enjoy the weekend after nearly two weeks of feeling miserable.

      I don't think they do sand sculptures events in Mumbai like the ones I heard of in Orissa. But I think I saw a few Instagram pictures of people making small ones randomly. I think last year there was a medium sized Ganesh made of sand on display in a mall.
      The work that goes in these sand sculpture is amazing!

      Wouldn't it be amazing if for Ganesh Chaturthi they made these beautiful sand idols on the beach instead of dumping highly polluting plaster of Paris and lead paint ones into the sea?

    2. Anonymous2:37 PM

      Yes, Ganesh idols with sand.....hmm definitely a food for thought. But I guess sand would need that extra protection because it is brittle, though sand shivlingas have been mentioned in religious scriptures.


  2. What a beautiful beach! I miss the ocean.
    That seashell is gorgeous & certainly necklace worthy!
    Looks like you all had quite a lovely morning walk.

    I've had the chapped lips from Hell this Winter.
    We're painting the house. What a hassle. Ugh!

    It's sunny and 20C here in our little tropical valley in Nepal (but I talked to the in laws this AM and it's -8C in Srinagar.)

    1. Anonymous1:59 PM

      This year there has been unusually heavy snowfall in hilly areas like Shimla and Manali. The snow and tree fall has knocked out the electricity and water supply in Shimla. Quiet a horrible situation.


    2. The beach, or rather being close to a big water body is what I like the most about Mumbai :-)

      Good luck with the painting, I hope it gets done quickly.

      @Apple, I was surprised to hear of snow falls in Shimla around Christmas, it seems this season it came early for them.


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