February Decor: Let there be love!

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Felt hearts and feather in small tin buckets makes for an adorable Valentine's day decor idea
I've never really been super high on Valentine's Day as I grew up in a culture where it was synonymous with just couples and a "Let's make everyone that is single feel bad about themselves" attitude.
When I got to volunteer as a CL with iVillage what seems like eons ago, I started realising that Valentine's in American culture is not just for couple (though it is extra special for them) it is also celebrated among kids and within families as a festival of love, but the type of Love that is not associated with lust. The type of love between family members, or the bonding between friends.

I liked this version a bit better, but not to the point of really making a big production out of it. I am the type that really think love is an everyday thing, and as a deep believer in the "Law of Attraction" philosophy, I can't just celebrate love just once a year.

Ishita however is steadily growing into that whole American Valentine's Day craze via her favourite cartoons. They all have episodes with kids, or characters making special Valentine's treat, cards, crafts and what not. So much so she has been asking about the festival in question since January! Last week she even asked DH if we were going to all celebrate it as a family (the answer is yes, by the way).

With her newfound obsession with everything heart shaped and the fact our Black board picture display needed a decor update, I went ahead and purchased supplies to make a February theme decor and craft project.

This is what our black board and dresser looked like in January:

Sorry for the tad-blurry picture, it was the one I posted on my Instagram last month, and I never saved a less compressed version of it.
You may recognise the pompom snowmen from this project, or even the tassel garland I made last year.

With days getting warmer already, I didn't feel like keeping the snowmen, snowflakes and Winter quote up much longer and Ishita provided the right inspiration.

For once, let's go nuts about hearts people!

And this gave birth to our February Decor:

Dressing up a black board with felt hearts and a catchy quote makes for a great Valentine's themed decor in your home.
I bought adhesive felt sheets in red and pink, red paper, red and white feathers, red, white and pink glitter glue (well...it's me, what can I say?) and two cute small white tin buckets and sat Ishita down for our craft project.

I drew hearts on the back of the felt sheets (on the paper covering the adhesive side) and we cut them.  We put a little cotton between two hearts before sticking them together. Then we decorated them with felt bits and glitter glue :

Get your kids to help you make little felt heart to make a garland.
 Each of them is different and went to be used to make a string garland. The one above was made by me. The one below was Ishita's work :

Ishita then decided she wanted to do a big paper heart as well. She is as crazy about glitter glue as I am and wanted to use some more (it since then went on every art projects she's been making in the past few days).

Let your kids decorate big red paper heart with glitter glue and cotton.
Meanwhile I tackled the feather decorations. I simply glued a bunch of feathers on bamboo kebab sticks (cut in half):

Then Ishita and I made two more felt hearts, but mounted them on bamboo sticks and placed them in the cute little thin buckets along with the feathers. My cat is particularly fond of these and I had to make a cat toy with the remaining feather just so she would leave our decorations alone.

Oh and the final part was the quote on the black board. I asked Ishita what we should write this month. Her reply was : "I love my family". Which we'll all agree is the perfect Valentine's quote.
These cute little hearts are the perfect family project to celebrate love and family on Valentines day

These cute and simple crafts projects can all be done by kids and grown up as a family.

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  1. Anonymous1:11 PM

    The heart that Ishita made is beautiful. I like the patterns, which has something very natural about it.

    Coming to Valentine’s Day, It think Valentine Day just caught us by surprise. At first, I felt it was cheesy with all those cards and flowers, and also the obligation to have your Valentine. Also, with it came the consumerist culture. Then, I realized that perhaps in a society which is allergic to love, a day to celebrate love is important. Lovers have a day to celebrate, otherwise bollywood was the only place where you could celebrate love. This was little or nothing to celebrate love in real life. Bollywood has been keeping the touch of love alive for a long time in its own weird way, but it too needs a break now. Now, there is a method of expression in real life.


    1. I think you are right, India has been allergic to the notion of love and a day to celebrate it is welcome.
      I myself think it should go beyond just couple love. It is way too easy to take family and friends for granted. I am the type who tries to celebrate love and gratitude daily, and I am usually good at it. As a result, it seems a bit silly and trivial to declare one day a year a holiday to celebrate just that, but then maybe it's a good thing too.

      Ishita is really excited about the idea of one day a year to celebrate hearts and candies and such, and she really thinks its about loving everybody on that day.
      That "I Love my family" line on our black board was 100% her idea. I think it speaks volume about what love should really be about :-)

  2. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Kudos to Ishita for coming up with this fantastic idea. Valentine's day is indeed a celebration of love for everybody.

    Talking about love, Cupid with his bow and arrow suddenly came to my mind, I mean he is omnipresent whenever we think about love. "Cupid struck", "Playing Cupid", are common expressions.

    In India, there is Cupid too called Kaamdev (the god of love). What is fascinating is that he too carries a bow and arrow. They both shoot arrows which arouse desire. There is a striking similarity between the two characters.



    1. Interesting

      I think it has to do with the fact that "love" or rather the hormone loaded lusty variant of it has always been a hard to explain feeling through time.
      And our ancestors thought it was something that strikes you as suddenly and hard as an arrow.

      In French we have the expression "Coup de foudre" which translates as "Lightning strike" in English and is used to describe how a person is suddenly jolted into feeling love and desire for someone or something.


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