Selphy CP1000: Print multiple images on one paper

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This is a tutorial to show you how to take advantage of the "grid printing" feature on the Canon Selphy CP 1000
When I check my blog stats on Google Analytics, I always keep an eye on the "Organic search" results. What interests me, is what Google search terms got you to land on my blog in the first place.

As of late, there has been an increase of questions related to the Canon Selphy CP1000 printers. Some of you dear readers, have even left me comments on my review post, and some have found ways to contact me via my Facebook page.
One question that showed up a couple of times in Google Analytics and was not fully answered in my big review is the question about printing multiple images on the same sheet of paper.

There are many ways to do that, if you are photoshop savvy, or know your ways around free photo-collage apps. But, unless you have a very specific photo-collage in mind, it's not really worth the extra effort.
Not when the Selphy CP1000 printer has a special feature that let you print a grid of pictures. As far as I know it seems to be a feature that didn't exist on the previous Canon Selphy models. So if you reached this page and have an older model, it might not support it.

I cannot stress it enough at this point, this is a tutorial that works for the Selphy CP1000. If you still are trying to make up your mind about buying it, I'd say go for it if you love printing pictures, you won't regret it. You can buy it hassle free on Amazon (affiliate link).

If you are the proud owner of one already and have been wondering about the multiple picture grid printing, let's dive in:

The multiple printing option lets you print smaller versions  of your pictures on one paper. This means you can print 2, 4, 8 or 16 image on the same 4x6 paper. You also have the option of printing the same picture up to 16 times, or chose as many different pictures to print in the grid as you want.

For this tutorial, I decided to print 4 different pictures on the paper and this is how you do it:

Step 1: 

The first thing you need to know right after inserting your pen drive or SD card is to press the "Menu" button. Then you will need to scroll down the list using the arrow keys until you find and highlight the "Change Settings" option. Press the OK button. 

Step 2:

Once you are in the "Change Settings" menu, scroll down until you find the option "Page layout". Once you selected it, use the  arrows > and < to find the layout you like. In this case, I chose the "4-up" layout. Once you have selected the layout of your choice, press the "Back" button. It'll take you back to the previous menu. 

Step 3:

On that menu, scroll back up until you have the "Select & Print" option highlighted. Press OK. This will take you to the main printing menu. 

Step 4: 

Using the arrow keys, first find a picture you wish to print. Then press the up arrow key (my finger is on it in the picture). This will select how many copies of said picture you want to print. 

On the 4-up layout option, this tells the printer to fill one of the 4 available space with each copies. In this case, I selected 1 copy of that picture, and it filled one space on the little "P" icon on the top right corner of the screen. 

If you want to print that one picture 4 times, all you need to do is press the "Copies +" arrow 4 times and the number "4" will show up on the screen instead of the number "1" that is showing on my screen. 
Now if you want to add 4 different pictures, all you need to do after you selected one copy of the first picture, is use the arrow key ">" to move to the next picture, until you find the one you wish to print, and repeat the step above by selecting how many copies you want of it. 

For each copies you add, a cell on your  "P" icon will get filled, once all your cells are filled it will look like this : 

All 4 cells of the "P" Icon will be coloured blue instead of white which indicates that you have filled the grid and the final image is ready to get printed. 

Step 5: 

Time to hit the print button and let the printer work its magic. In the picture above it was printing the magenta layer and getting ready to go back in for the Cyan layer, but you can see the 4 different pictures on the paper distinctly enough. 

Step 6: 

Simply cut your 4 pictures into individual ones and you are done. 

This is how simple it is to get multiple pictures printed on one sheet of Canon Selphy paper with the CP 1000. 

If you have any other questions regarding that printer, either check if I haven't answered it on my review post or leave a comment below. I'll do my best to answer it. 
Please note that I am NOT canon technician, I do not work for Canon or am in anyway affiliated with them, so if you have serious tech issues, please do not email me, or DM me to request I assist you. That is not my job to do so. 

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  1. Hi there, I have just bought the cp1000 and are so frustrated to the point it is packed back into its box to be returned!! As soon as I put it on it come up with "paper and ink cassette sizes do not match" or In cassette size is incorrect". I have checked and they are correct, have also tried switching off and trying again to print but no joy! Any suggestions?

    1. Sometimes the printer has trouble picking up the paper from the cassette, happens if it is the last paper in the tray or if there is too much paper in it.
      Have you tried taking the paper cassette out and re-inserting it, there should be a audible clicking sound when it is properly inserted. If the problem is not resolved after re-inserting the cassette, try putting a fresh stack of paper, of about 10 sheets in the tray and see if the printer takes it.

      If it doesn't solve the problem, I suggest you involve the warranty, the printer you received might have a problem and it need to be replaced. A Canon Service Center should be able to help you with that.

  2. hello ,my canon selphy cp1000turns off everytime that i try to print something,i would be amazing if you can help me

    1. Hi! I'm not a Canon technician, so I really can't help there.It looks like there is something wrong with your printer. I suggest you contact Canon's customer service to solve this issue.

  3. wow! i love this tutorial it has helped me.
    thanks Cynthia

    1. You're welcome, I'm glad it helped you

  4. God bless you for the wekl detailed explanation.... I want to know if in case of passport, i want just 2copies each for foir different pictures on one sheet... Is it possible and how does it work... Thnkz in anticipation

    1. Yes it is possible, because the setting menu where you choose how many pictures are on the page is just setting a grid, then when you get in the print menu and select pictures to print, each "copy" fills one slot, so if you want 4 copies of one picture, and 4 of another on a 8 grid slot, it will fill 4 slots with one picture and 4 slots with the other. If you follow the instructions I have put in the blog post, you'll get exactly that on any of the "page layout" setting you select.

  5. Please have been trying to print out 8 copies is not printing, even though it want to print the head is going to cut.

    1. is it the printer not printing, or is it that it prints pictures but cuts bit of the picture out of frame?

      If it is the printer not printing at all, you need to contact a Canon technician. I am an artist, not a printer technician, so I really can't help with that part.

      If it is that part of your picture is not printed because it is out of frame, this is something that happens if you original photo isn't matching the size ratio set on the printer. You can fix that by selecting to print photos with a border.
      The default on the printer, is "borderless" but you can select "with borders" in the option menu on the printer. You can see that the option is shown in the second picture on that blog where I show you how to "Change settings" in this blog post I am showing you how to change the layout, but right above the layout option, there is "borderless" you just toggle this one to the other option.

    2. make sure u put it on border. may b its on boderless

  6. How would I print 2of the same pictures on 1 page with a border?

  7. How would I print 2of the same pictures on 1 page with a border?

  8. How would I print 2of the same pictures on 1 page with a border?

    1. Follow the instructions in this blog post, in the settings, select the two pictures grid, then select the border option, then go to the print menu. Once you have the picture you want to print on the screen, select 2 copies, and it will fill the two grid cells. Then click print.

  9. Hi, I can’t print 16 different passport with my canon. I only have the option of 8 and Index which prints 27. Too small. Please assist

    1. As the disclaimer in the blog post states : I DO NOT WORK OF CANON AND I AM NOT A CANON SERVICE CENTER.

      The options you get on your printer setting screen is ALL you are going to get, you can’t make up settings that aren’t programmed in the machine, beside you cannot print more than 8 passport sized picture on a 4x6 paper, so just print on two sheets.


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