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Some of you may remember a blog post  I wrote 6 months ago regarding weight-loss and how to get there when your body refuses to cooperate.

I felt it was time to give you all an update because at this point. It's been a little over 6 months that I embarked on a journey to shed 15 kg and get my liver back in the safe zone.
If you don't feel like reading the full story above, here is the recap:

I found out last July that I had developed Grade 2 fatty liver disease, after years of insulin resistance, and a never ending struggle to loose weight DESPITE eating right. With the help of my Doctor and an assessment I found out that my metabolism is sluggish and I don't burn as many calories as normal people while working out normally. This means that to loose weights I pretty much need to workout the crap out of my body.

Now that you have the short summary of my situation, let me go back to the present. As of today, I have lost a total of 11.5 kg. I started my weight-loss journey on August 1st 2016 and I was weighting a whooping 81kg, you do the maths!

This is pretty much how I looked like at the height of my 81 kg last Summer:

Yes, I was huge, there is no sugar coating it. Notice the arms especially, they were getting squeezed by my t-shirt's sleeves. If that weren't enough, the neck and face pretty much looked as one. The waist and legs were not much better.

Fast forward to October (3 months later) and 7kg lighter:
Notice how the arms have more definition and my neckline got slimmer? That was after 3 months of intensive walking/swimming/yoga/aerobics/weight training.
No joke, I walked for an hour daily, then added another hour of either Swimming, yoga,  or aerobics, and still did about 10-20 minutes of weights. On top of eating a 1300-1400 calories a day of mostly veggies, fruits and proteins.
On a good week I could loose 1kg, but seriously, most of the time I was happy if I shed 500g. This is how ridiculously slow my metabolism is people!

This is how I look now:

Yes! I got a haircut, but that is not the point. While there isn't a super big change between October and now, there is still some change. I could not take a better picture but just as my face got that much more defined, so are my arms, legs and more important waist.

In November, I went for a follow up check up, at that point I had lost a total of 10k and the Body mass analysis machine reported that I had lost a whole 3% of my total body fat, and my visceral fat index went from the borderline 12 down to a 9.
I am due for another check up soon, and I am sure there will be some change then.

I was down with a cold early in January, and busy as hell most of December, which resulted in me not being as active as before (no more swimming, it was too cold and my friend got busy). I got back into gear January end. I went back to yoga, intensified the weight training, and doubled the amount of walking on days I was not doing the previous two activities.
Note that even while sick and busy I still walked my standard hour a day. This meant that between November and now I only lost a total of 1.5 kg, and in fact I have been plateauing at those pesky 69.5 kg for 3 weeks now. But I am hopeful for a change as I cranked things up a bit.

One thing that no picture in the world can show is how much strenght I gained in my core muscles over those 6 months. In August I struggled to hold a high plank, or do any activity that required my core to be engaged. I now can hold much longer and there are a whole bunch of yoga moves that are no longer impossible for me to get into.
My endurance levels are still as good as ever though, I still can walk for hours without tiring and those infamous 10k steps a day are reached daily without feeling remotely tired.

The whole point of this blog post and my story is that :

Weight-loss takes time!!!!

Do not expect miracles people! Even with a normal metabolism and no medical conditions getting in the way, you should ideally not loose more than 1-1.5kg a week. And as you get closer to your target weight, the pace at which you loose should also slow down a little. 
I am on a medically supervised weight-loss programme and it took me 6 months to loose those 11.5kg out of a total of 15, and it is a very good and steady loss. 

Anybody telling you that you can loose that much in just a few weeks is probably lying, or you will end up doing yourself much more harm than good. A too rapid weight-loss means your body has been put on a lot of stress. This in turn leads to your body ordering your metabolism to slow down and stockpile resources. The instant you stop dieting and working out on such a crazy plan will only lead to you gaining it all back and then some more. 

I'll say what I said in my previous weight-loss post : Seek medical help if you feel you need it. And by that I mean if for any reason you are struggling to loose, just go ask an expert. It could be as simple as seeing a nutritionist at first, just to assess your food habits. If this doesn't help, go ask your regular doctor to refer you to a specialist. There could be an underlying problem that prevents your from loosing weight.

The big problem is that being fat is still largely ridiculed and the worst insult there is at time. People wrongly assume that only those who sit on their butt  and eat junk the whole day are fat. That fat people are lazy people, a waste of human space, idiots...
Yeah! I wish it was that simple people! For a lot lot lot of people, it goes much beyond that and there should be none of that fat shaming garbage. 
And nobody should ever be made to feel like a failure for failing to loose weight following magazine advices, first because there is no one size fits all when it comes to weight and weight management. 

So, here I am, 6 months in my journey, hoping to reach my target weight in about 3-4 months time, but so far I am proud of how much I lost, and the fact that some clothes that were too tight for years now fit. 
Plus each time I reach for my 8 kg kettlebell to work out and feel like giving up I remind myself "You used to carry more than that on your body round the clock" . 

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  1. Anonymous6:28 PM

    You look fantastically beautiful. Congratulations. U are an inspiration.


  2. Anonymous7:59 AM

    That is great, Cyn. I have weight to lose as well. I was biking in the evenings, but I gave it up. I was up to a few miles every day. I stopped scheduling in exercise time around my tutoring job, and I gained back the weight. I don't eat a lot of junk food, just too big of servings and a sedentary way of life. I have to remember that little changes can make a big difference over time. Great post, and good job!!

    1. Exactly! It is a sum of small things that can lead to great weight-loss results.

      I myself never have been a big servings eater, so I could never really blame it on that. My body just can't handle carbs too well it seems and it is energy efficient enough not to really burn that many calories working out.

      There are days I really really need to push myself to do any weights training or aerobics. But I made sure I at least walk everyday. At our school I am now known as the "walking one" because I walk to the school to pick Ishita up, and in the morning walk back home after dropping her.
      My reasoning with walking is that if there is an option to walk while having to run an errand or such I might as well take that option and get those steps in. It costs me nothing and has potential for great results.

  3. Congratulations! You look great. :)

  4. Yay! Looking fantastic & love the new hairdo too!

    1. Thanks!
      The new hairdo also comes at the best time possible, we are getting hit by a heat wave of sort and I am already sweating like mad. The "wet loo" looks better on short hair than it does on long ones :-)


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