Bring on the Desi Kitsch

10:56 AM

Holi is upon us and by Monday evening we will all be scrubbing away stubborn patches of pink, blue and purple on our skin to look semi normal again the next day.

For those of you not familiar with India or Indian culture, Holi is a festival during which we all splash ourselves with water and throw coloured powder and/or coloured water at each other. It's fun, it's messy, it colourful and we all have a blast with it.

Like last year in March, I am putting together a little colourful shopping guide to bring the spirit of holi into your home for the hot hot months to come.
This year though, I entirely focused on "Indian Kitsch" decor item. Indian Kitsch is a pop art like movement that brings retro together with bold colours and a modern twist. And boy oh boy there is a lot of delightful Desi Kitsch items in the market as it has become a real trend in modern, young household.

Like all my shopping guides, post, this one is brought to you by Amazon, this means all the links below are affiliate links. If you buy anything, I get paid a commission at no extra cost to you whatsoever.

So ready to see what sets my heart on fire this month? Let's gooooooooo :

1) Let the Indian Kitsch experience start at the doorstep itself! This ridiculously awesome customisable nameplate is just what Dr. Kitsch ordered to start your home therapy. According to the company selling these, you just need to give them your name, and they will put it on the plate before shipping it to you.

2) Drink your tea or coffee, Desi Kitsch way! This cute Chumbak Mad about India mug pretty much sums up crazy and Incredible India...come on, you know you want this one already!
Chumbak is a brand that pretty much specialises in Indian Kitsch and pop art decor for your home by the way.

3) What better coaster to place your mug on that this Indian truck set of coasters? And yes, that is how colourful trucks really are in real life too, Indian national highways are never boring.

4) Normally I am all for gender equality, and both husband and wife spending equal time in the kitchen. But That sign could pretty much tip the scale in "Mummy's favour". This Mummy Da Dhaba sign is just what every kitchen door needs.
To all of you not familiar with what a dhaba is, don't assume it is a kitchen. The Hindi word for that is rasoi. Nope, Dhaba usually means a road side restaurant, the kind you find all along Indian national highways, some frequented by truckers, others by tourists.
As a mom it actually feels I am running a dhaba more often than I feel running a "rasoi", just saying....

5) Can't commit to just one Desi Kitsch mug? What about getting a complete Chai Set? Isn't this Delhi themed painted tea pot and cutting chai glasses just the very essence of pure kitschy awesomeness or what?

On this words, I wish you a super awesome weekend, and a happy and safe Holi

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  1. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Wishing you and your family a colourful and happy Holi.

    I like the Delhi themed teapot and the coasters a lot. The rest of the stuff is imaginative too.

    Talking about Kitsch art, the most prominent example of Indian kitsch were old movie posters, which were very popular, uptil 1980s. Now, the only place you do see this kind of kitsch art in big cities, is on juice stalls. Usually, the hoardings of juice stalls are adorned with paintings of popular movie stars. I don’t know if it is the practice in Mumbai.

    As far as truck art is concerned, the Pakistanis have developed it into high art, which is way beyond creativity. They just decorate their trucks beautifully.

    Oh, before I forget, the term that you used “Giant Squirt Syringes”, was just fantastic. It got struck in my mind for a very long time.


    1. Oh yes! I have seen pictures of Pakistani truck, they really take truck art very seriously there!

      I saw pictures of these filmi posters and paintings by fruit juice stalls and chaat corners, but I haven't seen them in Mumbai with my own eyes just yet. Maybe the practice is a vanishing art thing? Those Bollywood posters from what I heard now go for a high price even in places like Chor Bazaar as there is apparently a big collector market for them.

    2. Anonymous3:24 PM

      The filmi poster art is still quiet popular on juice stalls in Delhi. Nowdays, a new form of art is getting popular in Delhi. Unknown artists fill walls with art and messages. It is kind of rebellion of sorts. There was an article about it in the newspaper a few months ago.

      Another city which has extensive graffiti art is the holy city of Varanasi especially new the banks of the Ganga river.


  2. Yeah Graffiti art is present in Mumbai too, in Mahim the walls along the local train tracks are covered with it. There is also some wall art in Bandra if I remember correctly, and then there is the Kala Gowda art festival every year that showcase street art among other things.


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