March 2017 Calendar printable

10:00 AM

Printable calendar page for March 2017
Year after year, I keep being surprised by the short month that February is and this year is no exception. I just can't believe we chalked off the first two months of 2017 already and that by the end of this one we would have gone through one third of the year....just like that!

First day of the month, means it's time for me to offer March's calendar page for download. Just in case you missed the time I shared the whole 12 months of it on the blog (it's not too late, you can still get it).

Like it was the case for January and February, the design for this month let you have a peek in my synesthete's brain. March is always associated to a light green bokeh in my mind.
I suspect it has to do with the fact that March sees the return of leaves on trees and a timid end to Winter in Switzerland. Unlike other month-colour associations my mind makes this one could actually make some sense (it really doesn't always do so).

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  1. Anonymous11:58 AM

    What's those arrows coming up and down?

    If I had to think about colour and month, perhaps February and March would be the only two months which qualify, yellow, red, green, orange. The period between February and March is perhaps has the best weather and is surprisingly brief. It is as if something auspicious is about to happen, but then you blink and spring is gone replaced by blistering summers.


    1. The arrows that go up and down is just art :-) there is no meaning, I wanted this year's calendar to be more abstract.

      This year we have been hit by a terrible heat wave that started mid-February and is still going strong. It's pretty debilitating, and we all know that by March end the humidity will make a massive comeback in Mumbai too.

      This week I have my in-laws visiting, and because of the heat we really can't do much of anything. I told them to come visit us in December or January next time because then it's possible to go out.

      Right now my husband and I are sleeping on the floor mattresses in the study and this is the only room in the flat that doesn't have the AC, needless to say we are sweating like crazy, but so far bear with it, moving the mattresses to Ishita's room is an option, but for now we try to avoid it.

    2. Anonymous12:52 PM

      I thought the arrows had something to do with passage of seasons. It has been the warmest February in ten years, it almost feels like April or May. Constantly fluctuating temperature is fantastic for viruses.

      We usually visit our inlaws place in winter as the heat pretty much makes it difficult to sleep and also to go out. The mosquitoes are also less of a problem in winters.

      These days we have also developed the bad habit of ACs. We are no longer satisfied with air coolers. Perils of urban living, I suppose.


    3. I think you can interpret the arrows any ways you see fit :-)

      We usually visit the in-laws around Diwali and they rarely come visit us at all. Why they decided to come this past week when we specifically told them to NOT come to Mumbai beyond January is quite puzzling. But a lot of their visit has been extremely puzzling and baffling this time around anyway.

  2. Maybe those arrows are your subconscious symbols for the March winds that bring April showers in more temperate climates?
    We had a chance of hail & thunderstorms today but all we got was a 45 minute wind storm. Blew the heck out of the banana patch in back of the house & garbage flew everywhere but that was it! I suppose that was our March winds bringing Monsoon showers.

    1. I didn't put any thoughts in the arrows to illustrate March :-) I just had that idea to come up with more minimalistic geometrical design for this year's calendar.

      We are still steaming away in Mumbai, Summer made a very early comeback this year, we were roasting by mid-February, and I am not sure we can even call that a heatwave anymore, because we've had no respite from the heat ever since.


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