April 2017 Calendar printable

8:33 AM

Eeek! I can't even believe it's April already!

March was a very very busy month for me as I have been working on quite a number of projects, personal and not so personal that I will share with you all in due time.

So between the in-laws visiting, those projects, and the usual routine of schools, workouts and my social engagements I really didn't get much time to blog, or even plan DIY or food posts. Then the heat of Summer is really upon us now, so there won't be much in the way of food posts until the monsoon.
Bear with my less busy blog schedule for a little while longer as the first half of April is going to be busy offline still.

Meanwhile, I haven't forgotten the printable calendar page, and because it is the 1st of April, here is this month's page, which you can download here.

This month is still pretty much inspired by my synesthesia quirk, I actually do see April in a vibrant bokeh of yellow and orange.
The little sun graphic doodle thing is because first, yellow and orange reminds me of the sun, and it's OH! So fitting considering that the heat of Summer is pretty much on in all of India at this time of the year.
So on top of letting you peak in my crazy mind which sees months in colours, I managed to even come with a doodle that actually illustrate the month in question, unlike all the previous ones that had no meaning and were pretty much random doodles.

So, that's all from my side, what have you guys been up to? 

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  1. Anonymous3:09 PM

    It is horribly hot about 40 degrees and it its not even may or June yet. It does not feel like March. I have seen in the news that it has been unusually hot in maharashtra as well. The summers have arrived very very early.

    April is the month of new session, books and uniform. Just arrived after buying books and uniform. My son was down with fever during exams but managed to do well. Now we have to meet the new teachers and brief them about his speech problem which we do every new session for him tor adjust with the new teachers. By god's grace his speech has improved and he is doing well.

    We are planning to go the the north east this summer holidays especially sikkim. Let's see if it materialises.


    1. Ugh the heat was insane this past week over here, we had one day at 39 degrees, which is very unusual for Mumbai, and coupled with the coastal humidity we have year round it was plain old unbearable.

      Good to hear about your son's progress. My daughter caught up on all the delay she had due to her previous school not caring. Our school year ends at the end of May, so we still have a little while of it. Since the school is fully AC equipped I'd rather have her in school during the hot months than complaining she is bored at home :-) The end of Academic year break will fall during the Monsoon for the most part, then I can at least do things with her at home without sweating bullets, and we can go play in the rain.

      The North East is one of those places that is on my must visit one day list. Enjoy your trip if it materialises :-)

  2. Anonymous7:57 PM

    April is also a special month for the Bengalis. The Bengali new year "Poila Boishakh" is celebrated to welcome the arrival of summers. This year it falls on the 16th of April. The day is celebrated with fairs, cultural programmes, food and wishing our elders a happy new year.





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