Black and white polka dots crate DIY

11:37 AM

As you might know, life got really busy in march and is going to keep being busy for the next 2-3 weeks (and yes, I'll keep you guys in the loop).

Amidst all this craziness, I still found time to do a few DIY projects for the blog, the simple kind of projects that would not drive me straight to Burnoutville and offer a great distraction from all my other projects going on.

One of which, involved up-cycling one of Ishita's old toy into something I could use (she didn't want it anymore).

This black wooden crate started it's life as part of a toy set from Melissa & Doug, namely the wooden food groups items that each came into cute wooden crates. You can see the whole toy set on this Amazon link (and yes, it is an affiliate link).
To be fair we still have most of the food items, Ishita and friends still play with them very regularly, but the crates have all gone kaput, well, not survived.

The other day, when I asked Ishita to clean her room, she decided to get rid of the crates, the 3 that were seriously broken went into the bin, the 4th one got a makeover.
They would have survived if Ishita and her friends didn't use said crates as "ice skates" to glide on the marble tiles (kids have tons of imagination).

So anyway, this is what the sole surviving crate looked like at the start of my DIY session:

It was a bit dirty, thanks to the never ending dust problem in Mumbai and after a few years, no matter how often you clean things, they will have that greyish film about them.

To ensure it would look fresh and clean longer, I decided to pain the whole thing black with some regular Artist's acrylic paint.

Then, I used white acrylic paint and an earbud (aka Q-tip) to paint the dots, the same way I learned in a "Magic with dots" workshop I attended last year.

This little crate is a versatile storage box to hold small items, like my favourite tea bags, or a couple of candles. I see it being put to really good use for the years to come.
I left the inside of the crate "dot free", because with those two very contrasting colours it would be very easy to end up with a "polka dot overload".

And as you noticed, I used Queen crape myrtle flowers to stage my pictures, the trees near my place are in full bloom again. And so are many other trees and plants at the moment, this is the start of Summer in Mumbai for you, and you may recall I took you on a flower tour of my neighbourhood around that time of the year last year.

This quick and easy DIY project is the best way to up-cycle an old wooden crate big or small.

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