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I emptied the last box this weekend, and all my paintings went up on the wall, that means I am officially settled in my new home.
We are still waiting for our sofa to make a comeback, but otherwise we are home and we can finally kick back and relax.
But before we relax too much and make a homely mess, I took a few pictures, because let's face it, my home will never be that picture ready ever again. At least not without a lot more work to prep each frame.

The last box I emptied was a box of small decor items, among which, that cast iron tea pot that I painted blue last year. The little tea-light holders, I inherited from a dear friend who left Mumbai recently to start a new chapter of her life in Germany. And the table runner is one half of a white dupatta which I hand painted.

You already know what the sofa area of my living room looks like :

The sofa is yet to make a comeback in this space, in the meantime, we are using the guest mattresses that normally go in the study.

This shelf went on the wall, and while it has been used in Ishita's room for quite a few years, believe it or not, it was first designed in 2007 as a DVD shelf to go in our living room in our old Bangalore flat.
After all these years, it is back to being used the way it was intended to. and our TV stand is no longer a place where we stuff all of Ishita's toys and art supplies. Our big books and board games are also back where they belong.

The console table I won last year in an Urban ladder contest, will continue it's service as table lamp stand, right next to the sofa. We just don't change a winning formula like that.

Remember that polka dot crate I made recently? It was probably the last DIY project I made in the old flat, and it now holds my keys and knick knack on the console table. It is in good company with my spray painted golden lamp.

It goes without saying that my black board photo display also found it's rightful place above my chest of drawer.

And if you wonder where it stands in my living/dinning area, here goes :

After years living in a very compact living room, we finally have room to breathe and a dedicated dinning corner, away from the sofa and TV.

Every room has its own balcony, all fairly big in size, this one is the living room balcony, and when we moved in, we inherited quite a few potted plants, which miraculously survived the weeks of not being watered while the flat was empty.

The kitchen is bright and airy, and like all the other room, has its own balcony which doubles as an utility space big enough to hold my old shoe cabinet turned cleaning supplies cabinet and my washing machine.
Notice how both Jasmine and Mittens made themselves at home already.

After years of gloomy, narrow, dark kitchen, I am breathing a sigh or relief in this one. The biggest plus was that our fridge fits in the kitchen and that means no more running between rooms while cooking for me. The added bonus? The built in niche for my oven!

The master bedroom is quite big and has a big balcony, on which some of our inherited plants are currently living, I probably will work on that balcony soon, for now I am just happy it's clean and green .

The 3 paintings that were meant to stay above our bed when conceived, moved to a wall opposite said bed in this flat, because the wall on the other side isn't all flat and even.
I love the built in shelves this bedroom has.

Excuse the fact my 7.5 years old is practicing being a teenager who doesn't make her bed in the morning. That set aside, she loves her new room, and especially LOVES having her own balcony. She spends all her morning and evenings there and the first thing she did was to display some of her painted clay pots and ask us to buy more plants for the space (we will get to that soon)

Once upon a time in Bangalore, that book shelf and the chest of drawer next to it had been designed by me while pregnant to put in what was then our study/baby's room.
It is the first time since 2010 that they are back in Ishita's room. Her book collection grew too big for the DVD shelf, and her toys needed to be stored away in the chest of drawer.

Last but not least, the room that still need work : the study. The guest mattresses still need to move in it, and in the foreseeable future, I want to get a big cork board to pit my inspiration and some receipt and papers on. The two bags on the ground contains a massive big DIY project I have been working on since January and really need to get around to finish. Seeing those two bags as an eyesore on the ground could just be the incentive I need to do it.

The nice Boeberg bookcase I also won last year from Urban ladder is already stocked up with my art supplies, and all the reference books DH and I are more likely to need in this room. And my dinning table lantern is all set to provide some soft light at night.

And so is my tripod lamp, another win from Urban Ladder last year. Once we get our sofa back, the guest mattresses will go right next to it. For now, I did not take picture of that wall as it has a non-photogenic box of rubbish  we will get rid of sometimes this week.

This is pretty much it, I didn't take picture of my bathrooms, because let's face it, there isn't much about them that I want to talk about right now.

I am about to move to my next big project in the next coming days, so stay tuned...

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  1. Wow!
    That looks quite light, airy, and well planned compared to your last flat.
    I think the balconies off the rooms is a great idea in India. Not only does it create an outdoor space to enjoy but it blocks the windows from direct sunlight- which keeps it cooler inside.
    Love those kitchen cabinets too!

    1. I love the kitchen cabinets too, so much easier to clean inside and out than the last ones!

      Balconies are sadly not that common in Mumbai, so we are super grateful and blessed to have them in every rooms in this flat. As you said, it prevents the sunlight from hitting the windows too directly.
      We plan on putting a lot of plants on them too, to bring as much greenery as possible in this concrete jungle.

  2. Guess you have by now settled down.
    Having shifted so many cities (Bengalore is the seventh city, and in each city we have moved once to a different house), I can well imagine what it takes to move from one place to another.
    Good to have well-illuminated and airy rooms. Home decor looks quite elegant.

    1. This move took us forever, as we asked the packers and movers to move the furniture and decided to move boxes of our things ourselves. We pretty much underestimated how much stuff we owned and how much time it took to relocate everything.

  3. Harriette2:50 AM

    Thanks for sharing your creative genius with all of us. Your new home looks lovely.

    1. Thanks Harriette, sorry your comment didn't get published right away, for some crazy reasons Blogger thought it was spam!
      Yet it allows other comments that contain links and are clearly 100000% spam, go figure!

  4. Hi Cyn,
    Most important question: Is the ceiling built solidly?
    Congratulations on your new home. It looks perfect.
    All the Best

    1. That is indeed the most important question :-)
      And it's funny how incidents like a collapsing ceiling end up affecting you, hubby and I inspected the ceiling and walls of every flats we saw for any sign of damage.
      Our flat looks like it has a nice solid, non leaky ceiling, which was a big selling point along with the balconies :-)

  5. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Congratulations on settling down. You have more or less replicated the decor of you previous flat I guess which is good, because it gives the familiar feeling to the occupant. The flat does have more space.

    The gentleman above, did pose a very important question "is the ceiling built solidly?" LOL. Let's hope that god almighty bless you with a long and uneventful stay in your new abode.


    1. Most flats have similar layouts, so you inevitably end up placing the same furnitures in more or less the same space. Which fortunately makes it much less of a headache to figure out when moving. No agonising decision about where to put the dinning table or where the bed will go in.

      I love the white walls in this flat though, that off white, yellowish stuff in my old flat was darkening the flat a lot.

  6. This new flat is very nice! It does look much more inviting and comfy than the last one. And no water leaks from the ceiling :)

    1. It definitely is more comfy and inviting, and having more space in the living room was a much needed thing


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