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Since I had this whole moving to a new flat gig going on, I will not lie, I spent a lot of time on Amazon looking at storage and household stuff.
First because there were a couple of things we were going to need in the new place, and then because, sheesh! I had an excuse to spend hours before bedtime looking at the craziest household gadgets out there. That was enough to get my mind going and a train of thought called "This could be a blog post" set in motion.

Yes! Because you know, just thinking of packing boxes, worrying about how to move stuff efficiently (we failed at that anyway) or doodling and setting my Society6 plan in motion wasn't enough!

Nope! Not in the world of Cyn!

Some of these items, I browsed, are in my home, I bought them right before the move, in order to make our life easier.
Some others are on my wish list named "to buy soon", because they are just that cool and nifty, and I MUST have them at one point (or maybe not).

It goes without saying that all the links below are affiliate links, and if you end up buying anything on Amazon, I will get paid a commission, at no extra costs to you.

This super awesome elephant drainer sits pretty in my kitchen, by the sink. I got it in yellow, and I found it while looking for dish drying racks. I still haven't found the perfect rack that will sit on the very TINY dish washing area, but at least my forks and spoons aren't making a giant wet mess on my kitchen counter.

I can vouch for it, it truly works, and since we decided to manage cleaning our flat without a maid, we use it a lot (we do the dishes 2-3 times a day)

Along with the cute elephant drainer, I bought this super practical dishwashing tools caddy. It keeps everything neatly stored and drains the sponge. And because it is compack in size, it fits perfectly in my tiny sink area. The thing that sold me to the concept was that little sponge mop drying rod thing. we always had difficulties keeping it out of the way in the old flat, and my maid actually killed a kitchen cabinet door letting it drain over it (sigh!)

Living in Mumbai, we are faced with a sweater situation. In short, we almost never use them and they occupy a humongous amount of shelf space in the wardrobe and mold every monsoon.

I had a smaller version of this box in which I stored my almost never used sarees and ethnic wear, so I knew it would to the trick ordering more.
I order two large (66 litres) of these blue boxes and all we will have to do during the monsoon is throw in a few Absorbia Sachets to keep them from molding. The huge positive of these boxes, is that you can cram a lot of clothes in them, and then shove them on a high shelf or on top of your wardrobes and forget about them until you need to get something out of them.
The front zipper window thing makes that task easy.

As far as moving went, this was better than packing a box of clothes, we never had to unpack these!

I bought the one with all the tiny square storage pocket from another vendor to store my underwear and save myself a drawer headache. But I am considering buying this set of 4 different boxes to organize more drawers. This is how practical they are!

When I was starting to go through my wardrobes and some of the kitchen cabinets in the "Let's throw the crap away phase" I ended up realising that we had medicines all over the place:

The ones we take daily on the kitchen counter, the bottles in a kitchen cabinets, some less often used ones in the wardrobes, and of course band aids and antiseptics all over the flat.

In a few words, it was the complete opposite of being practical and I realised that in all these years it never even crossed our mind to have a proper medicine box!

This box from Milton isn't huge, but it has enough space for all those not so often used ointments, band aids, bandages, and bottles. The stuff we use everyday is still on our kitchen counter in a basket. Everything else is FINALLY in one spot.

This hanging storage is on my wish-list still, I managed to use most of my hanging rod space for my clothes, but I might need one in the spare wardrobe and in the wardrobe holding Ishita's clothes.
I haven't made up my mind yet, but let's face it, the hanging space in most wardrobes is often under-utilized, this could totally remedy the problem.

This magnetic spice rack is another of my wish list item, for now I am still using my old spice jars, but I have visions of me wall mounting this one somehow and clear a lot oc kitchen counter space in the process!

It's amazing how we got such an advance in technology but are still stuck with a million remote controls! I have 3 of them just to operate the TV and DVD player! Isn't that crazy? And don't go telling me that there are universal remote, I set my Tata Sky remote to control the TV and I find it more of a pain than anything.
I have those 3 remotes scattered around and driving me crazy almost on a daily basis. Needless to say that this remotes holder thingy is on my wish list, we need to put an end to this remote chaos!

Last but not least on my wish list, this Tea bags organizer! I've been wanting to get a good looking and more important big enough tea box for a while. This one seems to be just the right size to have all my favourite tea bags on hand and display them right next my tea kettle, in what I call my "tea station" Which you can see in the picture below :

That blog post could go on and on, because I found a lot of crazy, yet useful gizmos one could totally use in their home.
But these are really the ones that made the cut, and are on top of my "must own" list. And as you now know, I already own a few of these. 

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  1. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Most of the items are wonderful especially the elephant drainer and the magnetic spice box. I wonder if they have a bigger drainer for dishes and other utensils. Our stainless drawers have rusted because of the moisture. The rest of the stuff like the small drawers, cloth box, remote stand etc. are fantastic. Small little things which we use but don't know how to organize.


    1. I'm still on the lookout for a good dish draining rack, for now I use a micro fiber towel and pile up everything on it, but it's a bit of a pain in the butt.

      I want to avoid metal as it usually rust very quickly in Mumbai.

  2. Those elephant drainers are adorable!

    I have our people and animal first aid kits sorted into 2 loc'n'loc bins on a high shelf in the pantry, a chest with trays like you've shown would make it easier to find stuff inside though.

    We store our winter wear and 'less used' clothing in suitcases under the bed. Ugh, storage of anything is such a chore in South Asia.

    1. Seriously! Storage is indeed the biggest pain in the butt in India. It's either you cram your space with wardrobes to the point of feeling claustrophobic, or have all your crap in plain sight.
      We usually either cram everything in the utility area if the flat has one, or we've been known to turn the 3rd bathroom in a storage room in the two flats that had that extra space.
      In the Navi Mumbai flat we had a "servants room" which is a glorified closet, so we used that room to store all the stuff we rarely use.

      In this flat, we have a "dry area" beyond the bathroom" whcih is a big empty space where the pipes are located. I moved our big metalic shelf there, and we use the space to store the Diwali and Christmas decoration and other less often used stuff. The problem at the moment is that there is a pigeon nest. On moving days they were eggs, and I forgot to remove them right away, 2-3 days later when I finally had time they were two fluffy brown pigeon babies, and I can't bring myself to hurt them, so I am stuck with them until they can fly, then I am going to change the net on that "window" and make sure Mama pigeon doesn't breed there again.


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