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1:01 PM

Have you ever had a dream, or a brilliant idea you always wanted to bring to life?

Mine has always been to be an artist and sell my art, and after years of wondering how, and another year or so of wondering if I was good enough and a whole lot of indecision about it. I finally took the plunge this year.

In fact this has been my resolute goal to launch myself as an artist on at least one Print on Demand platform in the first quarter of this year. My plan got a tid bit delayed, by visiting in-laws and moving to a new home, but here I am selling my doodles on product on Society6.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that my feeds became quite doodle heavy in the past few weeks, and this doodle which was posted as a work in progress a few week back :

Is now featured on a wide array of products in my Society6 shop, like this cute throw pillow :

Or this cheerful shower curtain :

Not to mention the mugs, travel mugs, or wall clocks featuring many of my designs.

Remember that seashell pattern I had been working on and shared on Instagram?

What about taking it home in the form of a comforter for your bed :

Or meditate on it with this floor cushion?

Then if you are the more conventional type, most of my designs are available as wall art prints in various sizes, with or without frame. 

I created most of my artwork with home decor in mind, so must of what you'll find in my shop is meant to look good on those everyday home decor items, as well as things like iPhones and iPad cases: 

I'll be adding more designs and prints as I go, and I will make sure to give you updates on my artist's activities. 

For now I am on Society6 only, and they ship worldwide. But, I have plans to expand to other sites and ventures soon, so stay tuned. 
If you already are registered on Society6, I would appreciate if you could follow me there and like some of my work. 

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  1. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Fantastic art. I like the cushions and the phone art is striking. This was probably the most likely logical thing to do. I prey that one day your art work is exhibited in the prestigious Jahangir art gallery in Mumbai. Best of luck for your future ventures and an auspicious begnining.


    1. Thank you :-)

      I think you are right :-) it was the most logical thing to do considering the amount of time and passion I put in my doodles :-)

    2. Anonymous7:56 PM

      Yes, one day u will have your own online venture "cyn's Creations" which would be the next logical step. Who knows u could become an online celebrity. Then we could boast to everyone that we know u lol. New house, new beginning.

      Oh, New beginnings reminds me , have u given a thought to the house warming Pooja.


  2. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Congratulations. I'd so love to have that comforter and floor cushion. But it seems expensive. Lol. Maybe one day when I can afford it. Anyways glad u went for ur dream. This post inspires me to chase my own dream too! I'm not sure how to set start but will start working on it even if it means baby steps

    1. Yes their stuff is a bit expensive, even more so when you live in India, but their quality is apparently among the best in the print on demand industry.

      I am working on getting a presence on more platforms, including some in India.

      Baby steps is really a good way to start anything, it's better than not doing anything at all. So do go after your dreams, any pace will take you there one day.


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