Abstract water themed painting

5:13 PM

Now that the whole, rather unavoidable, stress of relocation has died down and our new quarters are starting to feel familiar, the urge of turning the flat into a home is taking over, as it did in every previous flats we lived in.

Those who've been there and done that know that it takes a solid 2-3 weeks to really recover and be in that zone. And that it takes even longer to fall into a new routine after that (I am not quite there yet myself).

Anyway, me being...well...ME. The homely urges manifest into a maddening need to get some art on the walls. So I ended up pretty much running to the art supply store the instant the last box was unpacked and  the need to stop eating out of other boxes surfaced.

I knew I wanted a painting in our hallway, and I knew I wanted something water themed. Why? Well because I believe in good Feng Shui. Out entry door in this flat is right smack in the "career zone" of the bagua. It's pretty much the ideal Feng Shui location for a main door, and with my embarking on a new venture, I wanted to enhance the flow of good energy that enter our flat.
And, the career area of your home is ruled by the water element. Traditionally water is represented by black in Feng Shui, but can also be represented with blue, and it is definitely represented by soft curves and waves.

With that in mind, I set up to represent water in an abstract way, because I LOVE painting abstract things. I've never been a fan of the ultra figurative, beside this flat has a nice modern vibe about it.

If you follow me on Instagram (and you should), you probably saw this picture :

It was a work in progress then, I was still figuring out what I wanted to put in the big white space in the middle, so it sat in the study for a couple of days until I figured out what to do with it.

Then still on Instagram I posted this picture :

This was a few days after I finished it, I was still waiting on the carpenter to show up to put it on my wall. At this point I think I will need to invest in a drill because the delay kills me every time we need some new artwork to go up on the walls.

This baby went up yesterday!

It's pretty much the first thing we see when we enter our flat, and the last thing we see before exiting, next on the agenda in that hallway will be a nice and slim shoe cabinet, as for now chaos pretty much reign supreme with our assorted footwear.

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  1. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Fantastically aquatic. The patterns resemble tribal art made on the walls and along door frames.


    1. Yes I think there might be some tribal feel about it indeed.

  2. I like that!
    Love the wavy waves and the water droplet mandala thingies.
    Footwear chaos is a problem in our household too. I bought a Thai-style shoe tree that holds 7 pairs for our grande foyer.

    1. Our old, super ugly, half broken shoe cabinet moved to the utility area to hold all my dusters, shopping bags and mops. It was such an eyesore, but even if it wasn't broken, it is too wide to fit comfortably in that hallway. So I dug out our old wire rack out of storage before the move and spray painted it silver. It's functional but we have way too many pairs of shoes that we need on a daily basis and the rack is crammed with them.

      Where is an IKEA when you need one!


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