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11:22 AM

I spent the past few weeks making my debuts on Society6 where I sell my artwork on a variety of products.

While I paint and draw in diverse style and colours, there is one collection that is emerging as I found myself labelling all the Paisley Abstract work as "India Vibe". A theme that many of my friends find really neat, which prompted me to paint more stuff around that theme.

The latest of my the painting in that series being this one :

One Society6 I named it "India Vibe : peacock feather", and apart from being available as an art print in various sizes, you can grab it as any of these products: 

I must confess, the tote bag is my favourite in the products featured above. The design is also available as a comforter, curtains, iPhone case, laptop pouch, and much much more.

But before this stunning peacock feather design was uploaded, there was one painting that started it all :

This is a watercolor doodle I made last year to beat the Summer heat boredom. I had plans to frame it at one point, and this plan is still just that...a plan.
In the meantime, I decided to scan it and upload it so that others could bring it into their home. I Named this one "India Vibe Orange".

And because the great advantage of print on demand websites is that you can make a design available on more than one product, here are a few of the things you can bring into your home in this style :

Because, yes! If you are too lazy to frame your art print, Society6 will sell my artwork already framed, for your convenience! And how amazing would a cup of chai taste in a mug called "India Vibe"?

Don't like orange? I got you covered, I painted another flowery/paisley abstract motif in blue :

This watercolor work is titled "India Vibe Blue" and if framed art is not your thing, most of my designs are available as wall tapestries as well, as shown below :

For my part, I think the floor cushion looks amazing and I can totally see it in my home, especially now that I have a blue sofa.

But not all the India Vibe designs are intricate and busy if you are looking for something a bit more soothing, what about this one :

When I painted this one, titled "India Vibe Light Green".  I had memories of an old, long gone light green kurta I once owned and loved. Sadly like all clothes it wore out and I had to kiss it goodbye after a year of wearing it a lot, but the vibrant green and "wax design" on it stayed in my memory.

And while Socitey6 offers the option to print on small everyday items like mugs, phose cases and pouches, it also can print certain designs on much bigger things like curtains, and quilts (called comforter in the US) :

You could even complete that bedroom look with a matching rug and pillow cases, can you believe it when I say it all started on an A4 paper sheet?

All my designs are available on Society6, India based reader, they ship worldwide and it pays to check often as they regularly have "free worldwide shipping" and discounts on select products. I try to promote these special offers as they come on Twitter and Facebook, so if you aren't following me there already, consider doing so now. 

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  1. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Fantastic artwork. The peacock feather would look fabulous on glossy/silky material like velvet. The India Vibe Light Green is my favorite, reminds me of light green ice candy, the kind you get from ice cream vendors in summer, cool and soothing. The yellow design is like bright sunshine.

    Do you plan to do more with the Indian theme like landscape, village life etc.?


    1. I'll stick to abstract designs :-) I never liked doing landscapes, when in art school that really wasn't my favourite, that along with portraits and people drawing. I usually favour less realistic subjects even when drawing or painting something more figurative like my seashell pattern or the cherries that are also available on sale in my shop.

    2. Anonymous10:37 AM

      I think it has something to do with your syntheasis, Oh I forgot the term. I have a feeling that you would do a fantastic job drawing a landscape/portrait. Best of luck for future project.


    3. No, it has nothing to do with Synesthesia, which is how the brain connected two senses or two neurological path together to formulate one thing.

      I simply, and cannot stress it enough, HATE HATE HATE doing figurative landscapes and portraits.
      Can I do it it? Yes, of course I can, I did entire terms of these in art classes. I learned the science and proportions behind a portrait, and what is the proper balance in a landscape. It's just that I hate the figurative with passion and painting anything in that line is torture. I have no pleasure whatsoever in doing so and it is not where I want to define myself as an artist.

      In art school we all learned the same things, but it was clear even then that some students have way different sensibilities and affinities. I had a classmate who was super skilled at comics and cartoon illustrations, he could just draw you a batman in any medium and in any position on the spot. I kid you not we once asked him to draw batman as a French maid once, he did it on the spot, in 10 minutes.

      I on the other hand have always been the crazy girl who loves colors and abstract art. I could pull colorful and balanced composition out of thin air just the way my classmate could draw batman wearing an apron and holding a feather duster.
      I have other classmates that excelled at landscapes, others at portraits. Some who gave their absolute best with oil painting, while other made magic on paper with dry pastels or charcoal.

      Picasso probably could paint a realist painting, but he stuck to cubism because tht's what he loved doing.
      Artists must stick to what they love to thrive.

  2. IMHO - Landscapes & portraits are done by cameras nowadays.

    I'd have named it "dreamy bohemian" with all those ethereal swirls & curls in gossamer colors. India needs more designs like these reinterpreting traditional design elements. Home decor in India seems to be stuck in the 70's with earth tones and oversized clunky furniture.
    Love it! Keep up the great work!

    1. That's how I think too, the Renaissance period was all about landscapes and portraits because people had no cameras then, nowadays I'd rather take a good landscape picture and frame it than go through the torture of rendering it in painting.

      Oh god yes on the being stuck in the 70's decor! It has to go, beige, browns and oranges really outstayed their welcome as far as interior decoration is concerned, along with those bulky furnitures that have no logic in tiny big city flats. Time to evolve

  3. Anonymous7:13 AM

    I love the India vibe blue! I love paisley (still remember my paisley shirt that I had in college!) and blue is my all time favorite color. I am not normally a fan of orange, but I also like India Vibe vibe orange. The orange is not too bright and the other colors (purple, pink) really make it look mellow. Great art!


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