May 2017 Calendar printable

8:30 AM

Another month bit the dust! Bye Bye April and your mayhem of boxes, maid drama, and moving!

I hope you are all enjoying your "May Day" holiday, and if you live in India, that the Summer heat isn't to hard on you.
Mumbai while still hot and humid, has been far more pleasant this year than the last. I still hope for a good and timely monsoon. I can't wait to drink tea on my new balconies!

For this month's calendar page, which you can go download here, I again tapped into my synesthetic ability to see months in colours. May in my head will always be a bright bokeh or pink, bright yellows and purple, don't ask me why.

Things I am looking forward too this month, are the return of the Lychees toward the end of the month, and of course getting those much anticipated "Monsoon updates" which usually start appearing around the same time the lychees do. We first get to know when it hits Adaman and Nicobar, then there is the wait until it hits Kerala, and we then know it's only a matter of time before it finally grace Mumbai with its refreshing downpour and cooler days.

This year May also means end of the Academic year for Ishita, which is a much sweeter and practical deal than this whole end of March crap all the other school insist torturing parents with.
I'll be spared having to entertain Ishita indoors during the Summer break this year and in July, we will be able to bake cakes and cookies to keep ourselves busy during a rainy day. 

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  1. Loving your minimalist paisley design in colors I never pictured together before I moved to South Asia! It works beautifully.

    Speaking of maid drama- our maid shows up this morning at 8 AM (she usually turns up at 2-3 PM if at all) demanding her salary, a raise, and a new phone. Mind you she hasn't even offered to make up the 3 days she missed last month (citing no reason at all) when we had guests & I really needed help at least doing the dishes. Arghhh!

    1. I am so happy to be drama free! The maid we had until before the move really gave us a whole lot of attitude in the past 2-3 years. It reached a point at which I was anyway cleaning up right after she left because about 3 billions tutorial on how to use the mop efficiently failed. And she was done sweeping and moping a 3BHK in 15 minutes flat.

      In our old flat which had bigger rooms and long hallways, it took me 40-45 minutes to sweep and mop, no matter how quick I tried to be.
      In the new flat whcih gets far less dust and grimme from outdoor, it still takes me 20-30 minutes to do the job.


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