The best is yet to come

10:55 AM

If you've been very observant, you must have noticed that I changed the tag line that goes with Home Cyn Home.
If you haven't noticed, go ahead and scroll back up to the header and see. Got it? Yep, that's right Home Cyn Home ditched its "Switzerland, India, Life and everything in between".


Because when I rebranded "Cyn's Adventure in India" I did so with the intent of not being one of these typical "Masala blogger" I was also pretty much done with the whole expat in India discovering the culture gig.

When I rebranded I had been in India for 10 year, I am a permanent resident (well actually I am an OCI holder which is the closest thing to being an actual Indian citizen).
This pretty much meant and still more than ever means that India is my home.

When I first rebranded, that whole old tag line was a kind of transition between the old and the yet to come.
I always had the intention to turn Home Cyn Home into a brand, and a lifestyle blog that focus on DIY, and bright colors.

And, guess what?

I got there, one art project at a time, DIY projects after DIY projects. Going after the things that I love.
I've always been a bold color lover in a world where people stick to the safe old tan and beige hues. I kid you not I spend 4 years of an apprenticeship as decorator spending 95% of my time working with these ultra boring colors.
Back then, I already knew and vowed that the time I would get into home decor and arts on my own, I would steer clear of these. Life is way too short to get stuck in that rut.

So, decided now is the time.

Time to shed the last remnant of Cyn's Adventure in India, kick the tag line and focus on what is to still come.
A blog that will still largely celebrate my love of all things DIY and colors, and tips to make your home the best it can be. But in the right way, and with the right tag line :

Be Bold and Colorful

Because this is what Home Cyn Home is about, this is who I am and this is what I want to be known for publicly. 

I am Cyn, an artist who loves abstract, hates painting figurative landscapes and portrait. I am fiercely independent, beat my own drum and rebels against the idea of being forced in a box I didn't build myself (I only fit my own boxes). 

Having a Society6 shop is just the start of something much bigger. I have a lot of projects and am currently working on one that should come to life in a month or two. 

My blog and my tag line has to reflect that big project of mine, because, YES! The best is yet to come...

So, Stay tuned!

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  1. Congratulations on your new blog direction!
    I'm not seeing so many 'masala bloggers' around anymore.

    1. There are still a few, but yes it seems there are less than there once was. I think it becomes hard to come up with fresh content after a few years and personal blogs get viciously attacked by trolls which discourage many from blogging too.


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