June 2017 Calendar printable

8:30 AM

The best month of the year is here! And with it, and we just about reached the halfway mark of 2017 as well.

So why do I call June the best month? Well first because it's the month of my Birthday (you are free to wish me a happy one on the 24th).
Growing up it was the month during which the good weather pretty much installed itself with its Summer warmth and outdoor pool and lake beach promises.

In Mumbai, I love June for a much different type of climatic change : the monsoon! The rain makes a much awaited comeback in the second half of the month. And if you think I am crazy for looking forward to months of rain with little sun, it's because you do not live in India and haven't lost twice your weight equivalent in sweat all over Mumbai.
As I type this, we've all been looking at the sky for week, rejoicing at the more and more frequent sight of cloud and checking Accuweather and Skymet on our phones almost manically to get a good promise of rain.

For many Indian parents, June also means back to school.
Not for us, though Ishita just finished the academic session last week, and we are going back to school at the end of July.
But do not feel sad for me, I LOVE this! Ishita was in school, in AC rooms during the Indian Summer months, and I was free from the pressure to keep her entertained indoors in this wretched heat.
Now we have about 2 weeks left of heat, then we can go out, bake cakes, do craft projects and not sweat bucket. This will be much easier to deal with, mark my words.

Anyway, back to the calendar! This month is still taping into my synesthesia way of seeing months. I see June as a nice light blue bokeh with blue green bits and hint of light pastel purple.
The feathers are just because I like it and decided to treat myself to them on my birthday month, they hold no significance whatsoever, at least not related to the month in question.

You can go download this month's calendar page here.

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