Peach and coconut breakfast parfait

8:03 AM

I don't know about you guys, but I had one crazy busy week last week. On top of it, the heat is pretty much insane in Mumbai, we are at that stage where we are all begging for a downpour and no, two minutes of light drizzle doesn't count as rain!

The positive is that the peaches are back in season, and like every year I look forward to them as eagerly as I await the arrival of the monsoon.
I have an in-built peach radar. This means I can spot them on any fruit stalls, even if I am in a speeding rickshaw (which is what happened last week).

I already consumed about a kilo of these already. I love them so much that I usually just eat them as it is, bitting into them until there is nothing left but the pit.

But this Sunday, I decided to take a break from painting and doodling and worked on getting an elegant breakfast on my plate, or rather in a jar.

Or should I say "mug jar"? You know, the ones that have been popular on Pinterest and in food blogs for the past few years?
We own a couple of these because in this heat drinking water from anything smaller is plain old stupid, and they come in handy to make milkshakes, iced tea and hold my soda water drinks.  It turns out they are also the perfect size for parfaits.

Parfaits are usually a layered dessert dish that involves fruits, custard and is often frozen, or has a layer of ice cream. It is always prepped and served into a glass as the layers are what makes this type of dessert attractive.

My peach and coconut parfait is not frozen, and does not involve custard as it is a breakfast dish rather than a dessert.
It's more filling than you think, and a very healthy way to start your day. It contains no added sugar (the sweetness comes from the peaches).

It is also super easy to make here is what you will need to fill one "mug jar" like the one I used :

- 2 small peaches
- 150-200g plain yogurt 
- Half a cup of small fresh coconut chunks
- Cinnamon powder to taste

- First chop your peaches and your fresh coconut into small chunks

- The start by putting a layer of peach at the bottom of your glass and sprinkle with cinnamon powder. Top it with a few coconut chunks and cover with a layer of yogurt.

- Repeat the process all over, starting with the peaches once again. Proceed until you reached the top of the glass.

If you want you can sprinkle the top of your parfaits with a few granola chunks or nuts. If you don't like peaches (I will pretend I didn't hear it) you can do it with any seasonal fruits. At this time of the year, you could even go ahead and use mangoes (I really just love peaches way more, sorry king of fruit!)

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  1. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Perfect coolant and easy to make.

    Meanwhile it was 47 degrees yesterday the hottest of this season. We went for a movie and at 10.30 pm hot winds were blowing like somebody has switched on a giant blower. For the past three four days it has been very hot. Global warming I suppose.


    1. God yes I read about the heatwave in Delhi, it sounds really nasty, we had the hot dry blower weather in March it was quite unsual for Mumbai.

      Right now we have the usual insane humidity and dripping with sweat is the new "normal" people don't even really bother to dress up even to step out since any outing, or non-outing will have one soak through clothes just the same, so why even bother.
      According the the weather experts Mumbai should see the Monsoon in a week time.

    2. Anonymous9:16 AM

      The heat of wave has broken the record for the past 29 years. We are making the city more hot with pollution and on top of it cutting trees for new construction. South Delhi had the most trees in the government colonies that I spent my childhood. Now government is planning to raze them to the ground to make way for high rises and shopping complexes. All those trees Mango, Jamun, peepal trees would be gone along with that simple middle class lifestyle. Need of the changing times perhaps.


  2. Ooo! I wish we had peaches like that up here in Nepal!
    I'll just have to make do with mangoes I suppose.
    I like to sprinkle a little muesli in my breakfast parfaits like that for just a little crunch.

    Hey Cyn,
    When do the big retail sales start in August? I always for get & we're planning a trip to Delhi.

    1. The end of season sales usually start in the second half of July and the last day is on August 15th with massive discounts everywhere (and massive crowd).


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