July 2017 Calendar printable

8:30 AM

We've cross the 6 months mark in 2017 already! Can you believe it?

For me June and July are slow months this year as Ishita is on her Summer break and I struggle to get much of anything done (bear with me).
During the school year it is easy to get into a routine, stick to it and get some of that proverbial crap done.

During the holidays, not so much.

I do set aside some time every morning to work on my artwork, then it's breakfast and cleaning time, then it's lunch time before we know it, and there is a lot of going to playdates, or grocery shopping (it feels all we do is eat). And before you know it it's 8-9pm and I just don't want to do much of anything remotely productive (though I have to a couple of times a week).

Yes! I am eagerly waiting for school to start again, so that I can go back to an efficient routine and do a proper balancing act that doesn't make me feel like The Cat in the Hat standing on his ball juggling way too many things.
Just now as I was typing this, Ishita felt the need to shove her pinky finger in my face to show me that the nail she lost after pinching said finger in a door is nicely growing back (never mind that it's been growing nice for the past few weeks).

So between the blog, the paintings and illustrations, the DIY and home decor and family life it's hard to give it all the same amount of attention.

The monsoon has also arrived, and it makes me want to curl up in bed with a book and a cup of tea on most days (must fight the urge to do it everyday).

This month's calendar page is one of those that do not tap in my synesthesia for once. I illustrated with a light blue bordering on grey with rain drops to illustrate the monsoon. But in my mind, July is a turquoise and gold bokeh.
Without any further rambling, you can go download it here while I go back to juggling everything in my offline life.

See you for another monthly check up in August, meanwhile there will be as much blogging as I can manage in what is remaining of this Summer Break.
For now I am giving priority to my art and designs and keep uploading new things on Cupick (ships in India) and Society6 (Worldwide).

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