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Ishita turned 8 on July 6, but because we are still in school holiday mode, we decided to move her party to the 15th to make sure most of her school friends would be back in town to attend.

During those past few months, Ishita kept going between different theme for her birthday party and like every years, I wait until June end to finalise with Ishita what the theme will be.
Until close to mid-June she was pretty set on having a Maleficent birthday after I introduced her to the Maleficent movie starring Angelina Jolie.

That was until I decided to go to the cinema with Ishita on June 12. I really wanted to watch Wonder Woman, and after seeing the trailers and reviews, I figured out it would be a "girl power" movie Ishita might enjoy as well.

And enjoyed, she did!

Even though she wasn't quite so enthusiastic when I told her I booked the tickets for it. The conversation at the time went like this :

Me: I booked tickets for Wonder Woman, we are going to watch it this afternoon

Ishita: Mom, isn't that a superhero movie?

Me: Yes it is.

Ishita: But these are BOYS movies, it's going to be boring!

Me: But Wonder Woman is a girl, and she is strong and powerful, there is no boy superhero in this one.

Ishita: Ohhhhh! Great let's go watch it then

The morning after we watched the movie, she woke both DH and I up with a "I want a Wonder Woman Birthday party".
And she stuck to it, to be fair she is almost obsessed with Wonder Woman, that is how strong she related to her.

And I can't blame her really, but more on that later.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of ideas for a Wonder Woman party and cake online. I decided to keep it simple though. First was finding the cake idea, and because I know a lady who runs a cake decorating business out of her home, all I had to do was send her pictures of cakes I liked.

This is the end result she came up with after combining two of my inspiration pictures and throwing in a little of her creative twist :

I unfortunately do not have a good high resolution picture of the cake and none with the unlit cake. During the party I was more focused on preventing 15 kids from poking the cake and trying to snag a star or two before the birthday girl got to blow her candles.
This nasty cake poking habit kids have these days is really baffling and it was either I played cake photographer, or cake bodyguard.
Cake bodyguard was far more of a priority as you must imagine.

The cutest element on the cake was that gorgeous sugar "8" my cake maker made. It was in Wonder Woman blue with the white stars that appear on her outfit in the original comic's version.

One of the thing I knew I didn't want to spend too much money on for this party was the decor, kids just don't really care that much about the effort going into that as long as they get to play games, go crazy with balloons and eat cake.
But I decided to at least get Superhero props for the kids to dress up.

Since Ishita has a few boy classmates and friends, I knew I had to find something for them too. I knew from the start I wanted to get the girls Wonder Woman tiaras. But that would not cut it for the boys. So I found a a couple of Superhero masks printables and had a few Batman and Captain America (I know wrong franchise) masks printed for them.

The girls really enjoyed the Tiaras, and because I don't feel comfortable sharing their pictures on the blog, here is one of me sporting the kiddie sized Tiara:

DH decided to sport a Batman mask for a picture, but I won't share that here either. All you'll get is Wonder Cyn.

What I find super interesting with Ishita's birthday theme ideas over the past few years is that she loves strong female characters and any story or movie with one such role model is going to appeal to her.
Sure she had the frilly princess phase when she was 4-5 years old, but that was short lived, and by close to age 6 the only fairy tale princess that would do was Elsa from Frozen, and if you remember well that was the object of her 6th Birthday cake (the first one made by the home-run cake decorating business lady).

Last year, Ishita decided on a Mulan cake after she got to watch the Disney movie of the same name. Here is the picture of it I didn't share last year:

With Wonder Woman, Ishita is fascinated at the fact that

a) Girls can be superheroes

b) Girls can be powerful and do physical things

She also liked that her strength is not put in question in the movie, simply on the ground she is a woman.

For girls, this is a movie that is inspiring. Growing up, I had a steady diet of princesses waiting for Prince Charming until I got introduced to Star Wars and Princess Leia (the princess worth looking up to for my generation). And even then, as awesome as Leia was back then, she was still the girl that needed rescuing, because you know, girls need that.

As a feminist, I am happy to see that not only my daughter gets to grow up with strong female characters to look up to, but also that a woman can be strong without rendering the men around her weak.

In the recent years Ishita liked Elsa because she decide to embrace who she is, she liked Mulan because she defies traditions to do what's right, she liked Moana because she learned not to rely on others to tell her what is right or wrong, and she loved Maleficent because you can turn evil and still redeem yourself and admit when you've been wrong.

I wonder what will inspire her for her next birthday. For now she is already asking to go watch Justice League when it comes out, and like me, she is eagerly waiting for the next Star Wars. 

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  1. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Many happy returns of the day for Ishita and blessings. Wonder Cyn indeed, with your talent you are already a superwoman managing so many things. I am sure you can fly, or may be shoot lasers from your eyes, isn’t it ? No….LOL.

    Keeping the cake safe from children is definitely a task. Over the years we have reduced the number of kids, the kids of our apartment are anyway reluctant interact with my son, due to his speech disability. That is why we call only a few school friends with whom he is comfortable and it better than creating a ruckus in the house.

    Come to think of super woman, I can think of only one. When I was growing up, there was indeed someone who could qualify as a super woman. We looked up to her with awe. She was our Prime Minister Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi. She had inspired generations of Indian women to step out of their households and aspire for greater things in life. We felt safe with her around and were heart broken when she was assassinated. I do sound like a fan but I guess we all were in those days. That's my super woman.


    1. Ishita has a lot of friends, and doing a party at home is the one thing we refuse to do with that many kids involved. This year we rented the party hall in our society. The other years we did it in either Pizza Hut or Papa John's as they are the only two nearby places that had room for parties.

      As far as woman leader role model, I sadly grew up in the wrong country. The world of politics was closed to women until 1972 when women in my homeland FINALLY obtained the right to vote at a national level, and the last State granting the right to vote in all State level matter did so in 1991 and only because the central government was getting embarrassed by it (geez shouldn't they have been ashamed by that in 1972 already?).

      I am from the first generation of Swiss woman that was born with the right to vote. My mom's generation was the first to be granted the right to vote when they came of age, but she wasn't born with that fundamental right.

      Probably why I am all in favour of Ishita growing up being inspired by strong female role models, fictional or not.

    2. Anonymous12:07 PM

      Yes, I have read about the long struggle of Swiss women for voting rights. It was said the Swiss men blocked the women’s rights for a long time because only they had the right to vote. Secondly, Swiss neutrality in the Second World War meant that the family structure remained intact and male hegemony continued for a long time unlike in other countries were literally the male population was wiped off and women were in active roles. That was the only two reasons given. Quiet interesting.

      Interestingly, I have been reading about the effects of Second World War on women. Nobody knows much since the women did not tell or were forbidden from doing so. With most men either killed or imprisoned, women took charge of their lives and faced all the potential dangers in that conflict situation. Needless to say it was quiet a horrible time for women. When the men came back they found that no matter whether they lost or won, they were no longer the masters of their households. It changed gender equations forever. It is fascinating how we are discovering new things about that period even after seventy years.


    3. I think even today some men still struggle with the idea of women being equals and the fact there is no longer a "The house is a woman's territory" to fall back upon. It might take longer for that reality to sink in worldwide.

      In Switzerland, as you said, we didn't send men into world war, though we had active troops to protect the territory just in case.
      So indeed, the family structure didn't shift as much as in our neighbouring countries. The whole process of women working out of the home, and needing to replace men in typically male dominated industries didn't exist.

      I have two grand mothers who are in their 80's right now, and when I was a teenager, they still publicly held the view that married women should stop working and let the man handle the money part.
      One of them even condemned the fact that "girls these days" no longer have household management classes and home economics in school. The fact we were having carpentry classes and creative sewing classes instead of these was hard to digest. In her days and my mom's days, girls had cooking and sewing classes to learn how to mend clothes, boys where shipped to carpentry and woodwork class.

  2. Anonymous9:24 PM

    Belated happy birthday wishes to Ishita:) Wonder Cyn indeed looks wonderful!:)


  3. A belated happy b-day to Ishiita and a grand HURRAH! to the amazing adventures of WonderCyn!

  4. Fantastic cake and tiara! Happy birthday to your daughter, may her life be full of wonders <3


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