August 2017 Calendar Printable

7:00 AM

Time to wave July goodbye and embrace August and the return of festivals if you live in India:

Rakhshabandhan on the 7th, Independence Day on the 15th and Ganesh Chaturthi on the 25th, before long the festive season will once again claim us in a colorful and frantic whirlwind that will end with us ringing in the new year.

I wont loose myself in a lengthy rambling this month, I am just getting back into the groove now that Ishita has started school again. And I am busy getting my act together and do something creative today while I feel more inclined to sitting on the sofa and watching TV....the pitfalls of working from home I tell you!

The design for this month's calendar page goes back to tapping into my synesthetic quirk. August, is always a bright bokeh of yellow in my mind. As usual, you can go downloading it following this link.

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  1. Anonymous10:37 PM

    August the wet wet month. Come to think of it there are so many festivals in august. Rakshabandhan, Janamasthami, Independence Day. Colourful rakhis, little idols of krishna and kite fights on Independence Day. My favorite childhood festival remains Janamastami. A festival of the children by the children. We created rivers, mountains and houses using sand, rock and chalk, depicting different events of Krishna's life. We had a collection of idols which we protected zealously. People would visit us, pull the string of the swing on which little krishna sat and put some money. It was such a proud moment for us children. Then we would pack up at night and visit the temple. Thus, ended our creative and fun filled day. All the other festivals were adult festivals but this was our festival.


    1. The dolls thing is not done in Mumbai for Janamastami, what is the highlight of the festival is the Dahi Handi and the death defying human pyramids to reach the clay pot.

      Mumbai being super wet, we also don't have any kite flying on Independence day.

    2. Anonymous6:04 PM

      Yes the death defying Dahi handi. It has its origins in the naughty childhood antics of Krishna. In order to protect their butter from Krishna and his friends, the women of gokul hung their pots. The human prymids was krishna's brain child get around the problem. Although when mere mortals try to imitate god they need to be a bit more careful.

      BTW your look good in your new pic.


    3. Thank you for the compliment on my picture :-)

      Those dahi handi pyramids result in death or sever injuries every years in Mumbai. It doesn't help that the sum to be won in these competition pushes people to go beyond what is safe.
      I think I remember reading a few years ago that there was to be a cap on the height at which the clay pot would hang and a limit on how many tiers a pyramid should go to reach it to prevent unfortunate accidents.

  2. Anonymous10:09 AM

    The previous picture was nice but a bit too serious. I wanted to say but refrained.

    About Dahi handi it becomes an emotive issue. There are safety and environment issues with many festivals which need to be addressed. We need to repackage them to sync with the needs of time.


  3. August is my least favorite month of the year.
    In my native California it was the month when the last green of Spring is completely gone. California reverts to desert in August and all vegetation is brown, dry, and dead. And then the wildfires start. And the temps soar to over 36C daily. Except for a small strip of coastline on the west and the Sierra Nevada mountains on the east California becomes an oven. Blech. And I'm ready for FALL!!!

    Here in South Asia the month of August is a miserable, soggy, fetid, festering mess. And I can't wait 'til September!!!

    Anywho, I like your painting for August because I find yellow cheery! And the green leaves are appropriately jungle-y. My synesthetic streak will always see August as a burnt & charred terracotta color.

    1. In Switzerland August is normal warm and usually is seeing the peak of the Summer storms season before we move into fall and it's wet, cold and gloomy weather.
      The worst month of the year for me growing up was November. It's no longer pretty with fall colors, it's cold, it's miserable and there is nothing happening.

      Interestingly, in my synesthetic mind, November is a charcoal grey bokeh. It's the only month of the year that I don't see in bright colors. In this year's calendar this is one of the month I didn't illustrate according to my synesthetic palette because it is a bit depressing.


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