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It's not usually like me to disappear from the blog, well at least it hasn't been that way for a couple of years.
But some of you might have noticed that I have been posting a bit less frequently (though I still maintain a once a week standard schedule).

This is because I have been otherwise occupied with other things. First this past week we had two public holidays here in Mumbai : Independence  Day on the 15th and the Parsi New Year on the 17th. This always mean I am no longer in the creative zone.
Artists will understand what I mean perfectly by that. To all of you who aren't making creativity your business, let me explain.

When I, and probably a lot of other artists, create things, we go in a "Do not disturb mode". It means you sit at your desk, drawing table or in front of your canvas, fully committed to the task of giving birth to something. It means distractions are NOT welcome, and best avoided, I even mute my phone on certain day. On those days, short of a cataclysmic event such as the apocalypse I won't give much of a hoot about what's going on with people or the world.
This of course has to stop on a public holiday because you have one or many little humans to keep alive and entertained (to some extent).
On those days, I might doodle, but not really go in anything too deep.

Blogging as far as I am concerned, is yet another creative project, heck, a lot of time goes into it. How much? At the peak of my blogging creativity streak, it consume my entire day.

But these days I am in artist mode more than in blogging mode. And that leaves almost no space for anything else during my workday.
I have been busy with a lot of things as of late, so let me take you on visual journey into my artsy world (with running commentaries) :

One fine day I found myself playing with a couple of mother dairy fruit yogurt pots holders. I talked about them in my mood board DIY post and this is what they look like :

I played with two of them, putting them on top of another, rotating them and saw a beautiful flower pattern emerge.
A few hours of drawing, coloring, scanning, tweaking, and re-colorizing it gave birth to two deigns I sell in ALL my shops :

Among many a thing, it is available as a sticker at Redbubble as pictured above.
A few manipulations in photoshop later and it turned into a blue version, again available everywhere I sell art, including on Society6 as a laptop sleeve.

But that's not all I have been doing, I also got into a sudden case of Autumn fever. An odd thing to get in a tropical climate where there is no such thing as Fall, or turning leaves. I blame the monsoon and it's grey sky (we didn't get that much rain this far).

To be fair, my current obsession for turning leaves and all things Autumn is a great opportunity to practice my watercolor skills.
As much as I enjoy painting with watercolor paint, my medium of choice on paper is either colored pencil or markers, probably because I like my colors bold and saturated.

If like me you are aching for Fall and everything it brings (except the mush and gloom of November) you might like this one :

The sun setting on the ocean and the Summer beach with a tree and pumpkin in the foreground, what better way to illustrate what is to come if you live in colder latitudes? This cushion cover is from Society6, but it is also available on other products, and is also available on Redbubble.

Then the Autumn fever carried me all the way to naked trees and clear moonlit nights:

That one I ended naming "Colors of the night" and yep, it's for sale in all my shops again (click the shop tab on top of this blog).
It's a case of mixed media, one of my other favourite form of art. In this case it's two watercolor circles representing the night sky, and a curly twisty naked tree drawn in black ink with a brush pen.
The moon and stars are drawn with a silver gel pen.

The great thing with arts and illustration is the freedom to experiment and try new things, and I have been doing a lot of that too as of recently, not all of it is pretty, or Instagram worthy. But I am enjoying what I am learning doing so.

People who know me well, know that there are two things I HATE when it comes to art : Landscapes, and academic portrait and human body drawing.
I loathed a lot of my art school time assignment because they pretty much fell in either one or the other category, there is even a particular special hatred spot for portrait drawing in my heart.

And while I hate this whole bordering on the whole Greek era canon of beauty OCD school of drawing people: fuck proportions, fuck the whole 7 heads in one body length, fuck the photography like rendering of people.
I always enjoyed cartoon people, even though drawing them is always a MASSIVE struggle for me.

Why? Precisely because of that art school crap of only drawing Greek god-like human beings and the teacher insisting on perfect proportions for just about every freaking bits of anatomy. This is widely incompatible with cartoon drawing. And I find it really hard to let loose and draw more freely.

The little witch in the picture above is a more refined version of a sketch that reside in my sketchbook. I probably will end up digitizing this one in the near future. I haven't totally made up my mind about it just yet.

So, in short, I have been highly creative on paper, but not so much in the form of DIY and home decor projects as of late. Most of these drawings did consume a few hours of my day, the other part is spent marketing myself (I was already doing that bit with just the blog). So before you know it I have spent close to 8 hours of the day working on all of this, and the rest of the time is devoted to my social life, family, eating and sleeping. 

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  1. Anonymous6:57 PM

    The circular designs look beautiful. About the blue design, I am little curious, does it has the optical illusion kind of effect. I mean kind of designs where different parts of the design become visible if u look at it from different angles.

    The colours of the night has a mystery about it.

    All your creations are fantastic.


    1. There is no illusion effect in that design, it's a fairly simple Photoshop manipulation. The original art is the purple and pink drawing, I then switched the colors around a bit to make it blue in Photoshop. Then, I made 3 copies, still in Photoshop, the two lighter copies behind the flower in the center are overlapping and their opacity has been reduced a bit to make them lighter. Before I added a white background to it, thos two light layers were semi-transparent, if I made the background pink, blue or any colors really that would have changed the look of those two copies.
      Then I placed one copy of the flower in the center to mask the overlapping transparent ones and kept that center flower at full opacity.

      The pink design is the original, though I obviously cleaned it up and gave it a transparent background so it could become a sticker. But the blue version is existing purely because of Photoshop.

    2. Anonymous1:50 PM

      I would also like to add that the pink design and its pattern does remind me of the colourful stained glass designs in European churches. There is a glassy shiny look to it.


    3. It indeed does look like it :-)

      It also reminds me of "Art Deco" art of the 20's with it's interlaced geometrical patterns.

  2. I think I see what Apple means. Your yoghurt cup artwork has that mandala/kaleidoscope effect. When you focus one way it looks like a pink flower, another way and it looks like a purply blue flower.

    Do they have Halloween in Switzerland?

    The yellow/amber leaf looks like a chinar leaf from Kashmir!

    1. We don't have Halloween in Switzerland, at least not as part of the culture, it became a tiny fad in the late 90's and now some people will throw Halloween parties as an excuse to dress up, but there is no trick or treating or anything.
      In Geneva kids do dress up and get door to door treats on the 12th of December in a festival that commemorate the winning against a nocturnal invasion by the Duke of Savoie. It was in 1602 and long before Geneva was part of Switzerland. It was an independent city the Duke wanted to add to his territory and he had a big plan of sending troops with ladders to climb the city walls at night and just claim the city while everybody was sleeping.
      Would have worked if it wasn't for an insomniac guy that decided to take a stroll by the wall and noticed the ladders. He raised the alarm and the entire city of Geneva went up in arms in their nightwear.
      The most famous figure of that night though is an old woman, who upon seeing soldiers try to break into her house, grabbed the heavy cauldron of simmering soup from the stove and threw it on their head from the window.

      On the 12th of December, to mark that moment we buy a cauldron made of chocolate and fill it with marzipans shaped like vegetables. The youngest and the the oldest of a family place their hands above it and say "And so perish the enemies of the Republic" before smashing the chocolate cauldron, then the whole family eats it.

      It is also customary to prepare a vegetable soup that day, and every school will ask kids to bring typical soup veggies to school the day before. The teachers will then brew a HUGE pot of soup and it will be served to kids and parents on the 12th.
      Kids come dressed up to school too. Then after school they go door to door and sign the State anthem which is a super old Genevan dialect one telling the tale of that battle. The person then reward the kids with candies and sometimes even money.

      The song in its whole has if I remember well 68 verse, but people only sing the first 2 and the last one.

      This is how it sounds :

    2. Hah!
      I'd never heard of that Swiss holiday! Thank you for sharing that.

    3. It's not well known because it is only celebrated in the State of Geneva and nowhere else.

      This Wikipedia article in English gives some of the history details :


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