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With the monsoon all set to bid us goodbye in Mumbai, my urge to work on making our balconies liveable and pretty is taking over.
First on the agenda was to FINALLY put a tree branch I picked up by the roadside in May to good use (along with a few seashells...)

An hour of craftiness and this is what came to be:

A cute and easy DIY project involving tree banches, seashells and glass beads to decorate your balcony
The balcony right off our living room has an insane amount of nails, holes and bolts on that wall, and yes for purely blog aesthetics I photoshopped quite a few away (sue me!)

This project is pretty much a result of me needing to make some room in my Mother Nature's good hoarding stash (so that I can bring in some more).  So I used one of the tree branch I picked up near my home a few months ago when they were trimming all the trees before the monsoon. all those neatly cut and straight branches were a bit hard to resist, but because I didn't want to pass as the new resident deranged branches hoarder I only picked one (Ishita picked up more but the dog ate most of them).
The seashells are all part of the stash I accumulated last January when we spent and early morning on Aksa Beach.

So the only things I needed that I couldn't pick up in the wild were woolen yarn, glass beads and some glue.

 The wool I picked was really what I have on hand as I am yet to finish a very ambitious project started last January.
The glass beads are leftovers from two projects I did in the past : the silver pendant necklace and the key chain charm.  Last but not least, I used "All Fix Glue" from Pidlite, not shown in the picture above, if you are outside India, this is that transparent resin like glue that is very sticky but dries fairly quickly. You could also use a hot glue gun for that project.

a cute mobile made with sticks, glass beads and seashells
The first thing I did, was cut a few strands of yarn and wrapped them around the stick in places. I used a little glue to make sure the yarn stayed put.
Then, I cut 3 longer length of white yarn and started stringing beads and glueing seashells to each. After stringing a bead, I did tie a knot underneath to prevent the bead from gliding down the strand of yarn.
To glue the shells, I applied a little glue at the back of each seashells before pressing the yarn to them.

This glue takes about 5-10 minutes to be dry enough to handle your project, but I recommend just letting your mobile dry for about 30 minutes before hanging it.

this mobile is quick and easy to make to give a coastal vibe to your home decor
To hang my mobile I used a double length of white yarn that I tied to both ends of my stick to make a hanging loop.

This cute little project was inspired by one of Ishita's school craft project. They made a very similar mobile painting the branch and tying strings of feathers and beads to it.
I am more of an ocean person, so mine has seashells instead, but you can pretty much string and tie whatever you want to it.

Shopping guide

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  1. What a great way to show off a child's seashell collection!
    I'll bet a rock collection would work in a mobile like that if you wrapped gold wires around the rocks to attach them.

    1. I think it would work great too, or those polished glass chunks too, I used to collect them as a kid. I haven't found any on the beach here in Mumbai, the broken glass shards are sharp, but I did find a few polished bathroom tiles chunk once, Ishita stole them for a craft project of her own a few years ago.

  2. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Happy Navaratras to you and family. May Goddess Durga bless with strength and creativity.

    It looks fantastic and simple to make. I am amazed at the simplicity of the design and also the fact that those sea shells remained glued to the thread.

    Those colourful beads remind me of the beads which we gave to our hyperactive son to string one by one, to increase his concentration during the initial phases of his therapy. That bead therapy made a world of difference to his concentration.


    1. Thank you, wishing you the same.

      That "All Fix" Glue is awesome for that, once it has dried it gives you a strong bond. Ideal for craft projects.


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