Ode to a rainy day

9:54 AM

Pardon my lack of updates on every fronts, be it on the blog or Instagram. I've spent the past two weeks either dealing with a vertigo problem (nothing serious) or being busy with offline things and days off.

Ah! Days off! If the festive season wasn't enough to disrupt a routine, rain in Mumbai can do the trick. On August 29th the city was flooding and rainy holidays were declared (it was sunny on that day off by the way).
By the end of the first week of September's first week I was pretty sure we were about done with the monsoon, at least the long rainy days with no end.

How wrong was I!

It started raining, what I would call a normal monsoon rain, on the 19th in the afternoon. By the evening, it seemed all my Whatsapp groups and friends were starting circulating rumors of a cyclone hitting Mumbai and returns of the flood. Rumors that the Mumbai police and the meteorological department were trying their best to dispel.
By close to midnight that night, the Government decided to play it safe and announced a school holiday on the 20th due to "uncertain weather".

The 20th was rainy all right, but NOT a super heavy rain, nothing out of the ordinary like the apocalyptic downpour we had last month during the flood. The only thing this rain did put a spot light on was that our municipality didn't learn from last month and didn't fix any of the drainage problems. So the roads did waterlog in places (happens every year).

This left me with a 8 years old with a case of cabin fever induced boredom and a personal urge to sip tea and curl up with a book.
Because the weather was that blissful kind of weather that is very conductive to the feeling the Danes call "Hygge".

I grabbed my DSLR and decided to take a few pictures to chronicle that blissfull rainy day :

There is nothing like the sound of rain to put me in a relaxed state, the only thing I regret is that the cane chairs and cushions on the balcony were soaked wet because the rain came at an angle that got everything wet.

My plants were super happy with the weather and the near constant watering during that 24+ hour period.

Rainy days are always the perfect weather for tea, lots of it! My tea kettle got put to good use the whole day long. I sampled all my favourite teas all day long...BLISS!

A rainy day is also the perfect excuse to light a lot of candles and relax in their soft glow.

It was also the perfect occasion to just switch on purely decorative lights in the middle of the day, to bring some of that relaxing bliss to my study (even though I didn't do anything more productive than play games on my iPad in said room)

That rain brought down the temperature drastically and I welcomed my sweat pants and socks like dear old friends I haven't seen in a long while.

The living room became "bath towel drying central" and Ishita built a tent with her quilt, she spent a fair chuck of the day inside with our cat.

Meanwhile, Jasmine, our dog decided to laze around the whole day, which she does regardless of the weather anyway. 

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  1. Lucky you!
    We are still roasting up here in Nepal at 38C with a real feel of 44C. UGH!
    There are thunderstorms at night but it is not cooling off at all.

    1. I have a feeling we will start roasting, or rather steaming here pretty soon. The monsoon is withdrawing and in Mumbai that means we experience the same horrid heat and humidity we get in May all over again. December and it's dryness cannot come quick enough :-)

  2. Anonymous5:27 PM

    It did rain all day and night on Friday, so much so that people made comparisons with Mumbai. It is was the culmination of quiet a few day of humidity. Today it is all hot and humid.

    It never used to rain during September in Delhi and never during before the festive season. Two years ago it rained so heavily during this time that it washed away the durga pooja pandal in our colony, which means one day lost. Now, it rains anytime other than when it should. Rains during the festive season is such a dampener.


    1. In Mumbai it is not uncommon to see rain in September because that is when the monsoon usually withdraws. Last year the monsoon stayed with us until October and the last week of it was super wet too.

      As soon as the monsoon withdraws we have a hot and humid hell that replaces it for at least a month and a half. It only really starts feeling somewhat bearable by the end of November.


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