September 2017 Calendar printable

7:10 AM

This time I nearly forgot to write this blog post as I simply didn't see the time all!

It's is 6.56 am on September 1st itself as I type this and realised that "Oh crap! It's that time of the month again!"
I normally schedule the calendar blog posts, writing them in the last few days of the previous month, not this time.

August has been hectic over here, first the festivals came back with their routine breaking holidays, then I got busy with my artwork selling. Then it's sickness that descended upon the House of Cyn, first it was Ishita, then hubby, and miraculously I only got away with a bit of a sore throat and feeling tired but no fever (relief).

As soon as I had everybody back out and running, it's the rains that made a massive comeback this past week. Rains that led to Mumbai flooding on Tuesday and another emergency day off for schools to be declared on Wednesday.

Yesterday I was busy planning for a get together that I am throwing at my place this Saturday and then an other get together I attended in the afternoon, aka playdate.

This September 1st is not looking any quieter, I still have to clean my home for tomorrow, start planning some of the dishes, write this blog post, complete some of my typical 1st of the Months "to-dos" and I started the day with remembering that Ishita had to print 4 pictures of Paris Monuments for school....gah!

So yeah, August has been kind of a crazy month over here.

But here we are, ready to plunge into September and this means I am now putting this Month's Calendar page up for download.

The colors I chose to illustrate this month are the ones my synesthetic mind associate with the month. September is a bokeh of brown, rust and gold tones in my mind.
Growing up I used to love September because it meant Fall was about here with it's changing leaves and still oh so warm days but cooler nights, which is probably why the rust tones and the month got so tightly associated.

This is where I leave you for today, of I am to run toward my chores of tiffin packing, dishes washing and house cleaning for the day. 

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  1. Anonymous8:43 AM

    I was wondering what took u so long. I saw the floods in Mumbai, I hope everything is all right in your neighborhood. Last year we got sick, miserable months as far as sickness is concerned.


    1. The road down from my place was flooded, and there were other roads in the area that were affected as well. Some of Ishita's classmates who take the school bus took 3 hours to cover a mere 5-6km between the school and their home, it got pretty bad very quickly.
      I knew by 10am that things would not be looking good even though the municipality kept insisting there was no cause to worry.
      It rained heavily the night from Monday to Tuesday and heavily to VERY heavily all of Tuesday. There were times during the day that the rain was so heavy I could not see the buildings opposite my street.


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