October 2017 Printable Calendar

8:00 AM

We have reached the thick of the festive season guys! And we are also officially in the last trimester of the year. Can you believe it?

I'm not entirely sure I can to be fair. And with the realisation that we have 3 months left to go before we kiss 2017 goodbye is a bit unreal...ok totally unreal.
It also brought me face to face with the fact I am way behind schedule on creating the calendar for next year (I haven't really started beyond conceptualising my ideas).

It happens every year around August-September, I loose my focus, the school days off throw me out of whack and I feel like I am totally burning out from the lack of routine. The struggle is real people!

I know that with Diwali's last "kaboom" and the firecracker's smoke lifting up so will my brain fog, but it doesn't stop me from being frustrated by it all around that time of the year. Just bear with me ok?

As far as this month's calendar page is concerned, I chose colors that are NOT inspired by my synesthetic glitch of seeing months in colors. Because in my mind October will always be purple and gold (and no I have no idea why).
You can go download this month's calendar page and start planning October in style right here.

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  1. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Happy vijaydshami to u and family. The calender is beautiful.

    This year i went to allahabad for durga pooja. It was awfully humid unlike delhi which is somewhere between hot and cold these days. Perfect time for flues

    With your permission i wish to send a few pics of the spectacular pooja celebrations to u.


    1. Thank you, wishing you the same. Please do send pictures, I'd love to see them.

      This humidity we have in Mumbai right now is the perfect breeding ground for all kind of viruses. A lot of people are coming down with cold and flus at the moment because they are getting exhausted from the change of season and their immune system is taking a toll.
      Both my husband and Ishita have been feeling a bit out of sort this past week.

    2. Anonymous3:16 PM

      I have send the pics, hope you like it. It is becoming awfully hot during durga pooja these days which ofcourse saps all energy leaving little enthusiasm for travel. One cannot walk, enjoy food. I threw up in the train at night while returning due to heat. After reaching home, I was down with fever.

      I have noticed that the season change months are becoming very difficult for everyone to cope especially elderly people.


    3. Thanks for the pics, I just looked at them, looked amazing!

      I think this year the heat has been particularly horrid in Mumbai, we had a little rain last night but not enough to cool things down and we are back in the steamer this morning.


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