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10:53 AM

I know, I know! I've been a bit quieter on the blog in the past few weeks. And that is because at this time of the year, every year, I get busier. Meeting friends, dealing with school holidays, Diwali approaching.

The difference is that this year, I decided to sort out my priorities, and the blog ranks quite low on that list. It's not that I am planning to stop blogging. It's just that right now, I really don't want to get into a DIY project for the blog, and then half-ass it just for the sake of blogging.

I decided to make myself my top priority this year. The festive season is always hectic (even if we don't throw big parties and have big plan).
Last month, I was dealing with an inner ear viral infection of some kind that left me with terrible vertigos. As in so crippling I couldn't sit at my computer or draw, and I even got on medication for it.
Even though the worse of it is behind me, I still feel a bit off from time to time, those past few days have been some of these off days. So I took it easy.

To be fair, I tend to feel blah around Diwali time every year, unlike Christmas, Diwali is a type of festival where you just decorate things a few days before, and because I didn't grow up celebrating it, the whole excitement in planning will always elude me.
And yes, it does stress me out a little, we have a long history of doing everything last minute for Diwali in this household.

This year is not different, we did some heavy cleaning this past Sunday, and as I type this, I still have sore legs from doing way too many squats cleaning ALL the windows. Which in this flat means 5 balconies  sliding glass doors.
My lights are still not up, I took the boxes out this morning to check what still works and what doesn't, and I haven't figured out how to plug them yet. It's a new home for us, so figuring it out is part of the game as we've never decorated these balconies before.

On top of it, the weather is still super weird here in Mumbai, we have intensely humid and hot days and almost every evening a thunder storm strikes making everything cooler only to bring back more humidity the next day.
Last night the storm was strong enough to topple one of my big plants and make a painting in my living room fly off the wall. It's that kind of odd weather I am talking about.

Needless to say that this whole hot and cold switcharoo weather is leaving me drained of all remaining energy.

So for all those reasons, bear with me. I'll probably be back to blogging more regularly soon, once I am rested and in the right place again.

Meanwhile, here are some of the previous year's Diwali projects I have done which you can do last minutes :

This stunning and surprisingly easy to pull ribbon lantern.

This equally easy and beautiful fish scale lampshade/lantern

These bejewelled glass jars

And last but not least, this cute little square painted glass jar

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  1. Anonymous2:39 PM

    I thought you were sick and as this is the most likely time of the year when people get sick due to season change. I have been bit under the weather ever since I came back from Allahabad. It is hot days and cooler nights in Delhi, perfect for infection/flues.

    Supreme Court has this year banned the sale of crackers in Delhi NCR till November 1, 2017. It could a unusually quiet diwali this year. Fire crackers were identified as one among many causes of pollution in Delhi. Needless to say, everyone is a bit agitated but the consensus is that it is a welcome step. People would most likely go out of the NCR region to buy crackers and there may be clandestine sale of crackers too. But crackers are not available in local markets. It would be interesting to see what happens on diwali night. A welcome relief from the fog which engulfs everything the day after diwali.


    1. I don't think a ban will work, as you said, you can still buy them outside Delhi and it will lead to clandestine sales.
      I think the mindset regarding crackers need to change through education. The smoke and noise pollution is insane, do people really need to burst that many crackers?

      In Bangalore I had a neighbour who would burst them for 3-4 days, buying them in bulk like there was no tomorrow. I kept wondering what he was trying to achieve with that. I bet in his mind this was a display of status and weatlh as in "Look at me I can spend 10k on crackers" but we all hated him for it because not only the noise was unbearable as he was bursting them with his kids right under our nose, it was also creating a thick carpet of burnt papers and discarder cardboard tubes, for good measure he would throw all the boxes, plastic wraps and packages in the middle of the street too.

      One year we lived on the 12th floor in an appartment building here in Mumbai, we found out that most of those small crappy rockets explode at the 12th floor level and people burst them right under our balcony, we had to shut everything because fireballs came inside, and my dog was going totally ballistic. That year I also suffered some mild ear damage, my ear rang for a couple of days after that and was EXTREMELY sensitive to any noise.

      This menace has to stop really, for so many reason, including the air pollution that lingers for days and days after Diwali. That stuff is so nasty to breathe :-(


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