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9:29 PM

First thing first, sorry for keeping this blog less frequently updated, I explained in the past few blog posts that I got busy offline, with art projects and my health.

As you would know if you read this blog frequently, I have had issues with vertigos in September, and while the dizziness never really went away, it started flaring up again right after Diwali (I now can almost prove the firecrackers were responsible)

I spent the past few weeks either feeling dizzy, spinning, tired or going from one doctor to the next to figure out several symptoms, including that dang sensation that my world starts spinning at random.
An endocrinologist, psychiatrist, ENT and Neurologist later, with dozens of tests and a MRI scan the problem has been labelled as "Benign positional vertigo".
It has no clear cause, no cure and can be chronic, or at the least flares sporadically. It's an inner ear issue, loud noises, can make it worse (Diwali crackers are probably what made it flare up) and because it forces the brain to constantly try to figure out what to make of the conflicting signals from both my ears and my eyes, it ends up butting the entire body in a state of stress (high cortisol levels to show for it in my case).

I FINALLY got this diagnosis, and some kind of inner ear/brain connection rehab excercises to help it hopefully go better. But there are days that are harder than others which means I have been taking things easy and keeping certain priorities straight.

There, with that update, let me go down to business before I feel the need to go lie down because sitting at the desk became a pain.
The weather in Mumbai, has finally cooled down a little and we had quite a few blissfully cool nights and mornings spent around roaming in sweat pants.
Weather that had me want to soak up one cup of tea after the other while taking it easy. Which is pretty much what the doctor ordered.
Well not the actual tea part, it seems caffeine is not a good idea with vertigos and high cortisol levels, so I am keeping my cup full of the caffeine, herbal and fruity type.

This is the time of the year I absolutely love, the time of the year I want to clear my home of useless clutter and be more intentional about the home decor. In not too long from now, I'll be putting my Christmas decoration up but for now I am all about, soothing crisp decor and warm lights.

As I said before, the right light is very important in my home, it has to be soft, diffuse and come from various sources. It helps me with a reccurent insomnia problem, and right now, I swear that too bright lights do spike my stress levels and make my dizziness unbearable. So that is one more point in favour of cozy warm lights scattered around my home.
With the ceiling fan staying switched off more and more, I also see pretty candles in my future.

One of the best way to add an instant touch of warm cozy energy to your home is by using warm white fairy lights (aka mirchi lights or rice lights), you know, the ones you probably took down from your balcony a week or two ago because it made no sense to keep those "Diwali lights" up.
I urge you to take them indoors now.

This is also the time of the year to snuggle in throw blankets in front of the TV if you live up in North India, and dream of wrapping yourself in a shawl very soon if you live in the coastal area where it gets less cold than inland.

By the end of December my favourite shawl is usually a permanent fixture near the sofa area, at the ready to cocoon me in on a cool morning.

But if you want to really really get your home to feel extra cozy on a cool to cold day, I recommend you get baking, nothing like the smell of freshly baked cookies to really seal the cozy deal.
With Christmas approaching, you can try those good old Swiss classics such as Milano cookies, Cinnamon stars or brunsli cookies. If you are more of a chocolate chips cookies, I got you covered too.
Put a batch of any of these in your oven and I guarantee that your home will have that awesome feel good smell going instantly.

If the weather is already cold enough where you live, this Hot chocolate menu card DIY will be the perfect excuse to throw a cocoa party at your place, best enjoyed with candles around and playing a few old favourite board games, the time of an evening, the old school, unplugged way.

While I tempted you to slow down, and enjoy the season, I'll be getting busy trying to feel better and working on art related projects and probably a few blog posts as well.

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  1. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Take care, I was wondering whether you were sick. Vertigo is a nasty thing. My friend has been suffering from something called "Mannier" disease for the past few years, which is a also a problem of the inner ear, the jalebi like structures in both the ears, which control our sense of balance. This causes nausea and dizziness, affecting normal life. It also flares up during season change especially at the onset of winters.


    1. Yes this is this jalebi like area that is the source of almost all vertigo creating disorders. In my case Meniere is ruled out, at least for now because i haven't suffered hearing loss or have tinnitus, and the dizziness is usually at its absolute worse when there is a lot of movement or I change position often.
      Let's see if this goes away with time, though at this point there is a high chance of it being chronic. Thinking of it I got a few episodes last year too, but never thought much of them because they weren't frequent like it is the case now.

      It's a bit of a pain, but it's manageable especially now that I know what it is and that it has nothing with me going crazy or having a brain injury. On days I feel particularly crappy, I just take it slow. I also found out that power walking is uncomfy, but Swimming is not, as long as I stick to breast stroke, so I try to swim more often (the water is getting cold though) and in the case of walking, take a break if it gets too funky.

      The thing that is the hardest now are supermarkets, I try to go early in the day because too much noise and movement in my vision periphery along with the turning the head around to look for stuff on the shelves makes me sick.

  2. Sorry to hear you've been unwell. Lucky you know what the cause is now, sometimes diagnoses like these take years.
    I think I need some fairy lights up here. Do they make solar ones now?

    1. I think I saw solar ones on Amazon recently.

      Yeah I read it can take years to diagnose a vestibular disorder, for now we are going with BPV, but it might change as we go, for example I have some ear pain in my left ear on occasion, and even though I didn't really notice it until just this week, I might have a low near constant tinnitus in the left ear as well. In any cases if the dizziness persist or make a huge comeback after the course of medicine is over I'll have to go back to the Dr and we'll see what happens then.

      I have a life long history of issues with my ears, so I would not be surprised to see it get progressively worse with age.


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