November 2017 Calendar Printable

11:11 AM

At the default of offering an apology for the lack of blog updates, I present you with this month's Calendar page, which is up for download here.

I am still taking it slow, first because I am working on the 2018 version of the Calendar and will do so all this month. I got late into planning it this year, and didn't have much of an idea of what I wanted to do with it.
Then, while the nasty vertigos of Septembers are behind me, I am still feeling a bit out of sort, and that has lead to me spending a lot of time with doctors to figure it out (still am). This means that the amount of time I have left in a day to get into creative stuff is pretty much limited at the moment.

I also was busy last month, with the usual festive thing, and no, this year I am not sharing pictures, I didn't take a lot of them, other than very personal one I'd rather not post on the blog, because, you know, this is not what this blog is about.
Yesterday we ended the month with Halloween, which I really celebrated for the first time, and only because all the kids and all of Ishita's friends were trick or treating, it was loads of fun.

But now I am looking forward to a less party heavy month of November, to get my ducks in a row, and recollect before we get into Christmas mode, which as you know, is a Month long celebration in my home.

For now, the weather is significantly dryer, the days are still hot, but nights are becoming pleasant, a week or two more and we will have that awesome "Fall weather" feeling going and promises of cool if not slightly cold nights to come in December.

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  1. Anonymous1:15 PM

    I was eagerly waiting for your Diwali rangoli. The Rangoli that you did last Diwali was out of the world.

    It is cool mornings and nights here with what I call dusty sunlight in the afternoons. It was a significantly less noisy and polluted Diwali due to cracker ban but people did burst some. Many people did not come out of their houses because they did know what to do on a Diwali night without crackers. I was more like mourning. Most bore diwali of my life. However, it is a small price to pay for clean air.


    1. As an asthmatic, I really would love to see those crackers go, I spent the next couple of days after Diwali coughing and feeling miserable, it happens every year. My pets aren't fans of crackers either, my dog was curled up on the sofa feeling stressed and my cat disappeared in a wardrobe.

      We did one box of flower pots, and one of chakras, and we called it a night, Ishita is terrified of crackers, and they also put me on edge a little.
      I think crackers aren't the only way to celebrate Diwali, we aren't the big gathering type ourselves, so for us Diwali at home is just food, and being together as a family. But maybe if people spent half the energy and as much money they spend on crackers just inviting friends and family over and re-connecting over snacks and food the lack of crackers would not feel like a mourning period.

      We we lived in Bangalore, our neighbours probably burst enough crackers to choke the entire city, so we never felt the need to add much more to that. What we did though, is host a Diwali gathering with our friends, we had that big roof top terrace, so we could all hang out outside, eat, drink, and have fun.


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