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These past few weeks I focused my energy on two things :

- Putting together the 2018 Calendar (I am still working on it)

- Creating a series of Christmas themed designs to sell in my shops

I decided to stick to what I do best: geometric and minimalistic designs and stayed as far away from the overly figurative style (because I hate painting super realistic things).
True to my "Be bold and colorful" motto, I sticked with a saturated palette of Pinks and Blues tone.

In fact if there is one consistent style that is starting to emerge from my artwork it has to be the whole pink and blue watercolor on white background trend.

I kicked in the Holiday design collection with this one :

And, no you are not seeing double, this blue variant is the original version of the pink one above. I painted "Blue Christmas trees" and the pink version is a re-colorised version because like a lot of artists selling prints online, I am all for repurposing work and presenting several versions of them.

This notebook above is from Society6 but you can find a version of it on Cupick (ships only in India).  The design is also available at Redbubble

The main idea behind starting this Christmas collection was to have a range of greeting cards ready for the season. ESPECIALLY in India, where getting your Holiday cards way in advance enough to send back home when you are an expat is really though and you often find yourself stuck with cheesy Archie's cards bought at the last minute because no stationery shop keeps them before mid-December.

This goes without saying that while all the Christmas designs are available as a greeting cards in all 3 of my shops, it was even more important for me to have them in my Cupick Shop, you can click on any of my holiday themed designs and you will have the greeting cards option available.

This brings me to my second design of the season featured here as a Society6 greeting card. This is a minimalistic Christmas wreath in shades of aqua, blue and pink.

This particular design worked wonderfully as a pattern, and a few of my products across all 3 shops do look much better with the patterned version :

Like those floor pillows available on Rebubble. Just have fun clicking around in my shops to see which items has the patterned version on it. I myself think this travel mug is adorable :

My next design is more generic, and could be used beyond Christmas and all through the Winter :

You have to admit that snowflakes are just the perfect thing to paint with my color palette of choice, and that throw pillow would look awesome on any sofa during the Winter months.

Like the Christmas wreath, this design is also available as a pattern on select products across my shops. Sometimes the pattern version looks better than the original on products like this backpack :

The snowflakes above is actually what led to the creation of my latest artwork with the Pink trees :

This is a mash up of the snow flake pattern and the blue Christmas trees that I made in Photoshop. As I said on my Instagram account, this particular piece is dedicated to all those of you who are dreaming of a pink Christmas (because it's fun).

For this design, I made no pattern or transparent version, I only sell it on products that can accomodate it in a way or another like this tote bag above. Fortunately I planned it in such a way that it does look good on a wide variety of things like this rug :

Or even this duffel bag (one of Soceity6's latest product) :

I still plan to add a few designs in the coming weeks, but as the Christmas themed shopping window is narrowing, I am more likely to gravitate toward Winter themed designs as the season progress. So Stay tuned and keep checking my shops, or better yet, my Instagram account seriously my Instagram is where I post all my art updates, you MUST follow me! 

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