Advent Calendar a twist on paper cups

9:00 AM

The advent calendar I mentioned in passing in yesterday's post is a pretty reconfigured "paper cup calendar" that has been in use since 2014.

That's right! We have been using the same advent calendar 4 years in a row now! Well almost the same, this year it went through a bit of a makeover.

If you recall (or clicked on the link I shared above), this advent calendar was originally 3 rows of paper cups I glued on paper strips and taped to the wall.
It worked great in our old flat with it's really boring bordering on yucky off white yellowish walls. After a few years we didn't even care about the fact the scotch tape left marks on the wall.

But this year, we are in a new flat, with pretty white walls and I really don't want to deal with tape marks in the years to come so I knew without the shadow of a doubt that this Advent calendar would NOT be going up on any wall in this home...NOPE!

But I also hate wasting things, these copper painted cups are still intact, still pretty looking and dang damit it was a lot of work to paint them, number them, and make them look the way they still do today. There was no way I could just throw away 24 paper cups just because...
So I just thought of a way to make them all stand on a table instead.

It was a bit of work, a bit of planning, but nowhere near as hard as coming up with a completely new idea I would have to execute from scratch.

Stacking my 24 cup to form a type of Christmas tree ended up looking like the perfect solution and all I needed was some craft paper, glue and an old tinsel garland (that won't end up going on the tree anymore).

I glued a circle of paper on top of each cup tiers with "All fix" glue, then hid said craft paper and unsightly gaps between the cup with little bits of tinsel which I glued in so they wouldn't come off.

This year I also did a repeat of the "newspaper cone gift wrap" I did last year. It's a bit less elaborate this year, I also made the cones a bit bigger because some of the chocolates I put in are bigger this time around.
I will also confess right away that it has been a bit last minute, and the idea of punching little paper circles like last year was just plain out of question. I made do with cute little heart stickers instead.

All in all, the calendar is a hit with Ishita who still gets excited to open a small gift a day, and an even bigger hit with my cat who has love affair with the tinsel. She is deluded enough to think it's real grass she can nibble on, then she spits it out and play with it.
Thinking of it she also thinks the Christmas tree is edible, and every year she tries to nibble on it.

We are getting to the Christmas tree decorating over the weekend as I left all the storage boxes out in my living room this past week.

And speaking of weekends, a look at my planner had me notice that I haven't had much of a free weekend since Diwali, there is always a party or event to attend, and that trend is going to continue all this month as well. This is how busy things are getting over here. 

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