December 2017 Printable Calendar

9:00 AM

And here we are! The last month of the year!

Can you believe it? I still can't really wrap my mind around it and this year I feel like everything went even faster, probably because I am way behind on a lot of things, the wrapping up of the 2018 Calendar included.

As I type this it is actually November 29 and I wrapped all the presents to go in the Advent Calendar and have the months of January through June all done for next year's printable. I just need to find the time in a very busy schedule to get a few more painting done and I can nicely wrap it up and offer it for download later this month.

Meanwhile, you can go download this month's calendar and start planning the merrier month of the year in style.
I bet that if your planner is looking anything like mine you will be very busy.

On this words I'll leave you for now as I am all for keeping things short and sweet and return to my paintbrushes, cookie dough and string of social engagement (in whatever order you want them to be)

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