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I hope all of you had a nice Christmas celebration and are about ready to tackle what's left of 2017 before me make the jump into next year.

I had a great time with family and friend, and no picture to show for it as the only thing that should never fail on my phone did : the camera.
I am getting a new phone very soon as a result because there is no point spending any money fixing something on a phone that shows other signs of imminent death (curse you planned obsolescence!)

Anyway, after this little Holiday recap, time to get down to business. Namely keep you in the loop about what Pantone's color of the year is for 2018. Or, for those of you really not into the world of color and design, what the hell is a Pantone color and why is there a new one chosen every year.

Pantone is a company that is responsible for standardised colors in prints, design and well...basically wherever you find colors. It's a bit techy, but in short Pantone is the company that came up with a system to give an ID to colors so that people can translate the color wheel found in Photoshop and other designs softwares. It is used by designers to make sure that what they are working on screen is what is going to be the end result in print.

To the general public though, the only thing that matter is the famous "Color of the year". Each year in December, Pantone declare what will the color be for the next year.  It is based on trends and may or may not be widely liked.
This past year the color has been "greenery" a fresh light green, the year before that, it was a duet of Rose Quartz and Serenity blue.

In 2018 we will all beat to the tune of Ultraviolet, which is a shade of purple.

I was never much for the previous colors of the year, at the exception of the blue and pink duet (though the blue was a bit blah). But I really like purple, and this is a color that goes well with my primarily blue home decor theme. What's more I enjoy wearing purple a lot.

So,  in that spirit, I spent hours on Amazon putting together a purple shopping guide to deck your home in what will be the color of 2018.
It goes without saying that all the links below are affiliate links, if you click on them a purchase anything on Amazon, I get paid a commission at no extra cost to you whatsoever.

Since I found a lot of items, curating and narrowing it down was a though task, I ended up making several spreads, more or less room specific.

Purple in your dinning area

1). Pass the bread in style with this cute little Gingham basket. This is probably one of the most muted way to incorporate some of that purple into your life. And this little basket doesn't even have to be a bread basket really, feel free to use it anywhere. 

2). Start your day on a cheerful note (not to mention healthy) by having a serving of fruit in these adorable fruit/cereal bowls. Get ready, set, munch!

3). Let your table run the show with this purple printed table runner. I don't know about you but I love love love table runners, there are just about the easiest way to give a dinning table a makeover. 

4). If you ever looked for an excuse to buy some of those cute colored glass water bottles, there you go! Celebrating Pantone's color of the year is the perfect excuse to get to it. 

5). Add the right ambience to your dinner table with these glass tea light candle holders. Purple is a color that really goes well with metallic accents by the way. 

6). Once you stored your drinking water in purple bottles, the only logical thing to do is pour it in matching purple glasses don't you think? I say yes please! 

Plush ultraviolet for your sofa

If you aren't fully committed to switch your entire home to ultraviolet, the easiest way to test the water is with throw cushions, once you are bored with one look, you just remove the covers, and put a new one, instant makeover for your sofa! 

1). Stay ethnic with this light purple mirror embroidered cushion cover. If you can't see yourself going all purple, this one comes in many colors as well. 

2). Are you bold and edgy? Mermaid pillows might be your thing. They are covered in sequins that change color when you rub and flip them in a different direction. This purple mermaid cushion plays on purple's complementary color : yellow. As a rule purple always makes a big statement when paired with its opposite on the color wheel, which is why it is often paired with gold for a rich look. 

3). Another example supporting this purple/gold theory is found in this set of 5 purple cushion covers with a delicate floral motif in gold. 

4). If your cushions need to do the talking, why not opt for this funky "spoiled rotten" cover? And notice again how gold found it's way in the design. If I haven't made it clear already, purple and gold is usually a match made in heaven. 

Purple in your kitchen

For years it seems that kitchen appliances had to come in white, or black, with very little variation on the theme. Looks like this mistake is being corrected these days. 

1). The easiest way to introduce colors in your kitchen is with things like kitchen towels or those Gingham oven mitts

2). The advantage of silicon ustensils other than being cheerfully colorful are that they won't scratch and damage your non-stick pans, and this Wonderchef baking tool set comes in the shade of 2018, how cool is that? 

3). If you are in for a piece of cookware that will not only last you a lifetime, but also have that timeless elegance, look no further than Le Creuset's range of enamel cookware. Yes they are pricey, but they are quality, and the different color ranges haven't changed in years. The purple range is called "Cassis" which is French for blackcurrant. This mini cocotte is just plain adorable. 

4). Do you remember that time not so long ago when Air fryers were not only costly but also only came in boring black? This Wonderchef one is not only reasonably priced, it comes in a beautiful shade of purple...squeeee! 

5). Boiling water for tea the old fashioned way has never looked trendier in this purple stove top kettle

Get your bathroom in the trend

I'll confess that the common bathroom in our flat does sport some of that trendy purple in the form of a fuzzy matt and stripped hand towels. And I did it before I even knew I was going to be trendy in 2018...ha! 

1) Bathmats and doormats are an absolute must in any bathroom, but even more so in this ridiculously annoying Indian bathrooms where water splashes all over and lead to you leaving dirty wet foot prints all around the home. This set of 2 purple mats will set the tone right in your home. 

2). If you like bathing the Indian way with a bucket and mug, don't settle for any old boring bucket, spruce up your wet room with this cute bucket and mug set instead. 

3). If your bathroom has a dry area, this cute and funny laundry hamper will fit right in, otherwise, it will still look pretty awesome in your bedroom. 

4). There is nothing like wrapping yourself in a soft towel after a bath or a shower, bonus if you get to do it in shades of purple this coming year. This adorable set of 2 towels should totally fit the bill. 

This little shopping guide should cover all your purple bases for the year to come. If not, what is your favourite color? 

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  1. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Merry Christmas to you and family. I know it a bit late. Initially, when my vocabulary was limited, I used to wonder what purple colour was for a very long time, then I found out it was "Baigni Colour" (the Colour of Baigan or brinjal). Alas, my ignorance. Imagine saying "Baigani" and then "Purple", which one sounds better, LOL. Of all the items, I find the purple cushions quiet exceptionally spectacular and festive. I am personally a little biased towards blue colour.

    We a had our own share of fun during holidays. Initially, we were planning to go to Amritsar to the Golden Temple, but could not make it due to unforeseen circumstances. It is not a good feeling when you cannot go to a holy place. Though depressed, we did the next best thing, and headed to a nearby mall. The next day we went to a farm house in Gurgaon, and gorged on rural food, rode a camel, adventure activities for children. It is a new concept to give the city folk a glimpse of rural life and it is quiet fun. We had a few anxious moments reaching home since it was a little far off but made it eventually. So, I guess it was time well spent.


    1. I think anybody who steps into my house will say blue is my favourite color too, but I gravitate toward purples and pinks as well.

      Glad you had a great time despite having to cancel your travel plans, I hope you get to go to Amritsar at another time.


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